Don't 🚫 Use These Emotional 😭 Excuses to Skip Your Workout πŸ’ͺ ...

Let’s be honest here. Your weight and fitness levels are absolutely tied to your emotions. When you feel good or bad about how you look, it can affect your mood. The thing is that sometimes those emotions are subconscious and you might not even realize what’s at play when it’s happening. There are several emotional reasons why you might be skipping your workout. This can really hinder your health and weight loss goals, so stop using these excuses today and you’ll be so much happier with your progress.

1. β€œMy Friends Aren’t into Fitness”

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It can be very hard to commit to a workout plan when you don’t have friends who are likeminded. Who wants to hit the gym when the girls are heading to the bar for chips and salsa and beer at happy hour? Try tempting your friends or significant other to join you and enjoy something physical and social at the same time. If that doesn’t work, look for workout groups in your area that allow you to make new fitness minded friends. Exercise with them and then head to margarita night with the other friends.

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