Don't Use These Emotional Excuses to Skip Your Workout ...


Don't Use These Emotional Excuses to Skip Your Workout ...
Don't Use These Emotional Excuses to Skip Your Workout ...

Let’s be honest here. Your weight and fitness levels are absolutely tied to your emotions. When you feel good or bad about how you look, it can affect your mood. The thing is that sometimes those emotions are subconscious and you might not even realize what’s at play when it’s happening. There are several emotional reasons why you might be skipping your workout. This can really hinder your health and weight loss goals, so stop using these excuses today and you’ll be so much happier with your progress.

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“My Friends Aren’t into Fitness”

“My Friends Aren’t into Fitness” It can be very hard to commit to a workout plan when you don’t have friends who are likeminded. Who wants to hit the gym when the girls are heading to the bar for chips and salsa and beer at happy hour? Try tempting your friends or significant other to join you and enjoy something physical and social at the same time. If that doesn’t work, look for workout groups in your area that allow you to make new fitness minded friends. Exercise with them and then head to margarita night with the other friends.


“I’m Not Athletic”

“I’m Not Athletic” You don’t have to be the team superstar to benefit from sports and exercise. You might not be able to make free throw, but you’ll still be having fun on the court, burning calories and building muscle. Even if you aren’t that great at something, don’t let it get in the way of your workout. You’ll get better with time and practice. If things don’t improve, try something else.


“I Can’t Wait to Reach My Goal”

“I Can’t Wait to Reach My Goal” Yes, it’s great to look forward to a goal, but this mindset subconsciously tells you that there is an end to what you’re doing. Working out and staying fit is a way of life and should be something that remains part of your routine. Instead of looking at the end goal, set small goals along the way to keep you motivated and moving. This keeps you from falling prey to your old habits once you lose all that weight or you finally fit into your wedding gown.


“I Don’t Have Time for the Gym Today”

“I Don’t Have Time for the Gym Today” Time is one of the biggest factors in fitting in a workout, or skipping it altogether. However, if you look at your exercise session as flexible, chances are you’ll always find something you’d rather do. By making your workout non-negotiable, you ensure that you get it done and reap the benefits you get from it. Schedule your exercise each day so that you don’t get lured into doing something else instead.


“It Makes Me Feel Guilty”

“It Makes Me Feel Guilty” If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. Taking time for yourself when you have a spouse or kids can be hard to do. It can make you feel really guilty to spend time on yourself when you could be with your little ones. This one is hard to get over, but your body and brain needs time for taking care of yourself. Failing to do so can just make things worse. Consider family workouts, such as walks or bike rides to take a little bit of the sting away.


“It’s Too Hard”

“It’s Too Hard” No one likes to face something that might be too hard for them to master. However, your emotions are probably telling you a lie here. Chances are that you can do whatever it is that you want to try and letting your fear get in the way is hindering your progress. Even if you’re fearful, don’t let that stand in the way of your goals. Working through the fear will show you what you’re made of.


“I Don’t Have Any Support”

“I Don’t Have Any Support” This can be tough. If you feel like your loved ones are sabotaging your progress or aren’t taking your goals seriously, it can make it really difficult to stick with your program. If you aren’t going to get the support you need from friends and family, join an exercise class or group where you can find the encouragement you need from like-minded people.

What emotional excuses are preventing you from exercising?

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