Lazy Girl's Guide to Becoming an Exercise Addict ...


Lazy Girl's Guide to Becoming an Exercise Addict  ...
Lazy Girl's Guide to Becoming an Exercise Addict  ...

As a certified trainer, health writer and fitness enthusiast I have made it my life to help people to become fit while including fitness and health in my daily life. My job is to inspire others not just during our sessions or through articles but to be the daily voice in your head to get you going even when I am not there to push you. In my own daily life as a mom of three it is not always easy to find time but I always make time. So let me share with you my tips so I can help you to become and exercise addict. You will find pleasure in your workouts and even find yourself craving this each day. So follow this guide to get you going:

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Get up and Get Going

Get up and get going as you work toward your goals. If you can exercise earlier you will have a head start on your day and feel an edge on others. You will also have no room for an excuse later in the day because you already got your workout in. And this will make you an exercise addict because an early workout can surge your energy levels!


Become Consistent

To become an exercise addict you need to become consistent and make exercise part of your every single day. No room for excuses because this will only hold you back from make your fit dreams into a reality. Get in a routine and become an exercise addict. This does not mean you have to become obsessed but simply devoted!


Start by penciling in a modest workout schedule and stick to it, whether it's a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a set of stretches. Let it become as habitual as your morning coffee. If you miss a day, don't beat yourself up—simply jump back in the next day. And don't be afraid to mix things up to keep it interesting! Sometimes all you need is a killer playlist or a new routine to reignite that spark. Remember, consistency is key, and before you know it, exercise will be your new bestie!


Double up Two Days a Week

Two days a week I routinely break up my workouts to exercise twice in a day. In the morning perform a 45 min to one hour session and later in the day, workout for 20 minutes. This method will help you to boost your metabolism equaling greater results!


Make Fit Friends

There is nothing more motivating than surrounding yourself with like-minded friends that also have goals of becoming fit. You can multi task and hang with your friends while you get your workout in. And meet other dedicated athletes like yourself!


Sign up for a New Challenge

Are you up for a new challenge? Lose your fear of trying something new and step outside of your element. If you sign up for a new workout, race or other challenge, you will now have to make practice part of your schedule. This will naturally make you more addicted to fitness!


Reward Yourself with New Workout Gear

As you stick to your routine and become totally addicted to feeling the burn and seeing results, reward yourself. Get a new workout top, pants or even download some new tunes to reward yourself for your efforts. You deserve to celebrate your dedication because you are becoming totally addicted to the results that you are earning!


Treating yourself to snazzy gear doesn't just offer motivation, it also enhances your workout experience. Imagine sporting a chic pair of leggings that hugs your shape just right or a breathable tank top that keeps you cool. The right gear can elevate your performance, giving you that extra bit of confidence to push through another set. Plus, it’s an exciting incentive to keep smashing those fitness goals! Remember, every milestone deserves recognition, so when you hit that new record, don't hesitate to splurge a little on something special—because you've earned it.


Never Give up on Your Fitness Goals

Never let your fitness goals go because you deserve to achieve your goals. So stay on track and never give in. Part of becoming addicted to fitness is consistently exercising and sticking to it! And this will yield change for the better in not just the way you look but your health as well! Totally winning!


When you feel like throwing in the towel, remember the rush you get after a good workout, the boost in energy, and those happy endorphins. Find your motivation – whether it's through inspiring fitness journeys or a killer playlist that gets you moving. Create a vision board of your fitness aspirations or pen down how you feel post-exercise. Use these tools when your enthusiasm wanes. Remember, every bit of movement counts, so celebrate the small victories too. Before you know it, you'll be hooked on that invigorating feeling of achievement. Keep pushing, beautiful – your fitness odyssey is worth every step.


Find What You Love

No one wants to do a workout if they hate it. There are so many ways to stay physically active and there's no reason why you shouldn't be having fun. If you hate running, for example, try something else to burn calories, such as Zumba or CrossFit. Experiment to find what you enjoy and then stick with that activity and ones like it. Pretty soon you'll be looking forward to exercise.


Set Goals You Can Reach

Instead of simply having a goal to get in shape, come up with some specific things you can achieve a little at a time. Each goal you reach will boost your motivation and increase the odds that you'll get addicted to your workout routine. Try something like adding an extra set to your strength training or making it to the gym five days out of the week.


Do Something Crazy

You've probably heard or mud races or activities similar to them. These are designed to be a totally fun way to get your body moving and fit in exercise without feeling like it. Of course, you should train to get yourself in shape before the day of the event, but that can be fun too if you get creative and get your friends in on the action.


Go on a Fitness Vacation

You can totally get away from your regular life and get addicted to exercise at the same time. Consider going on a trip that centers on fitness. Perhaps you take a bike tour of wine country or go on a hiking getaway. Maybe you learn to kayak or paddleboard during your island getaway. Whatever it is, chances are you'll come home totally addicted to the way that exercise makes you feel.

So now that you are ready to become addicted to bettering your body, energy and health; get to it and live the life you deserve!

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