Quotes for All the Weight Lifting Lovers out There ...


 Quotes for All the Weight Lifting Lovers out There ...
 Quotes for All the Weight Lifting Lovers out There ...

Weight lifting is a fabulous form of exercise because it helps you build lean muscle mass, which has many benefits. It will make you stronger so that lifting and moving become easier, whether you're hefting your toddler or carrying the groceries in from the car. Lean muscle mass also boosts your metabolism, helping your body burn more calories. If you're a die-hard weights lover (or even if you're not), these quotes should inspire you to keep right on loving it.

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"Well It's Not Going to Lift Itself"

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"I Run on Caffeine, Sarcasm, Lifting Weights, and Inappropriate Thoughts"

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"i Really Need to do More Cardio. Oh Look, Weights."

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"I Was Sad but then I Drank Coffee and Lifted Weights. I Feel Better Now."

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"Weights before Dates"



"this Girl Likes to Go All the Way down"

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"when Nothing Goes Right, Go Lift"

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"eat Nutritious. Lift Heavy. Cuddle Often. Laugh a Lot. Work Hard. Enjoy Life."

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"the Best Part about Jogging on a Treadmill is when You Jog past the Treadmill and Go Lift Weights Instead."

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"Big Muscles Ain't a Thing without a Big Heart"

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"but I Don't Want to do Cardio. I Just Want to Lift Heavy Every Day."

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"focus on the Pounds You Lift Not the Pounds You Weigh"

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"life is Too Short to Waste Time with Light Weights"

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Love this

Go #girlswithmuscle!!

I love this!!!! Isn't that the truth right past the treadmill to the squat rack I go!!!!

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