10 Most Intense Workouts for Tall Girls to do ...


10 Most Intense Workouts for Tall Girls to do ...
10 Most Intense Workouts for Tall Girls to do ...

You don't want to feel self-conscious when you're walking around town, showing off all of your skin. That's why you should pay special attention to your lower body when you decide to work out. After all, it's what everyone is going to be looking at when you walk by them. In order to keep your lower body toned, here are a few intense exercises for tall girls:

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How to do the Miley Cyrus Sexy Leg Workout

You're tall, which means everyone is going to be looking at your legs when you slip into a skirt or shorts. That's why you should keep them in shape so that they look their best. In order to do that, you should check out this workout video, which includes exercises like alternating lunges, plie squats, side lunges, lateral leg lifts, squats, one-legged calf raises, fire hydrants, kneeling leg lifts, and kneeling heel presses.


This workout video featuring Miley Cyrus's sexy leg workout is a great resource for tall girls looking to tone and strengthen their legs. It includes a variety of exercises such as lunges, squats, and leg lifts that target different muscle groups in the legs. These exercises are important for maintaining long, lean legs and improving overall strength and flexibility. This video is especially helpful for tall girls, as they often have longer limbs that require specific exercises to properly tone and sculpt. Incorporating this workout into your fitness routine can help you achieve your desired leg shape and feel confident in any outfit.


How to Get Legs like a Victoria Secret Model

Here's another video that's going to teach you how to get your legs in shape. There's no better way to do that than by copying the moves that Victoria's Secret models do. Follow the woman in this video as she teaches you a few new workouts. Don't worry, because the entire thing is only about ten minutes long.


The routine in the video is designed to make your legs look lean and toned, just like the renowned Victoria's Secret Angels. Despite being a short workout, it's powerful and focused on sculpting your muscles for that long, statuesque look. You'll be engaging in a series of lunges, squats, and leg lifts that target the thighs, calves, and glutes. It's perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Don't forget to keep up with the exercises consistently, as regularity is key to seeing those runway-ready results. Plus, no special equipment is needed, so you can easily do this at home!


How to do Thigh Exercises

If you're going to work out your long legs, then you might as well work out your thighs, too. You're going to do plie squats, side lunges, squat and kicks, skater hops, inner leg lifts, leg circles, outer leg lifts, fire hydrants, and fire hydrant kicks. By the time you're done, you should definitely feel the burn.


To ensure you're getting the most from your thigh routine, start with a proper warm-up to prevent injuries. Plie squats work wonders on your inner thighs and glutes; stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward before lowering into a squat. Side lunges target your inner and outer thighs—keep your core engaged to maintain balance. As you progress to squat and kicks, focus on explosive energy as you kick each leg out after a deep squat. Skater hops add a cardiovascular challenge while working your legs laterally. For isolated muscle work, inner leg lifts and leg circles define your inner thigh area. Outer leg lifts sculpt your outer thighs, whereas the fire hydrants and fire hydrant kicks will further enhance your hip mobility and strength. Remember to keep your movements controlled, and don't rush—quality over quantity!


How to Tone Your Abs, Butt, and Legs

This workout will do more than strengthen your legs. It'll also make your abs and butt look amazing. The woman giving instructions during the video is a bikini model, so she must know what she's talking about. It can't hurt to try her workout routine.


How to do Leg Slimming Pilates

You don't have to do cardio in order to slim your long legs. Instead, you can do pilates. It'll give you a rest from all of those squats that you're used to doing. You'll be doing a bridge, swing bridge, outside leg raise, inside leg raise, and more!


How to Perform the Fat Burning Challenge

You don't need any exercise equipment in order to perform the exercises in his video. As long as you have a water bottle and some cute workout clothes, you're good to go. It should only take you around ten minutes to finish all of these exercises, so you might as well try it! You have ten minutes to spare, don't you?


How to do Ballet Stretches

This is going to work out your legs and your booty. You're going to start out by stretching on your yoga mat. Then you're going to pay close attention to the woman in the video, so that you put your arms and legs in the right position every time. You don't want to mess up. If you do, then you won't get the results that you should.


How to Get Stronger Legs

This set of exercises really pushes you to use your legs to lift more than you might even think you can! Of course, you'll want to work your way up, but you can start by using less weight and build up. You can also choose a set from the three she mentions and then slowly incorporate the other two. Either way, we're pretty sure that you will get killer strong legs using this workout.


How to Get Lean Legs in 5 Minutes

We understand that some of you out there are busy and looking for something that will tone your legs with less of a time commitment. Look no further than this video. This is a five minute set of exercises that will have you feeling the burn! The timer in the top corner adds extra motivation as you can see when you're almost done.


How to Get Dancer Legs

Dancers are fit. We all know that. So when there's a workout telling you how to get the long, lean legs that they have? You follow it! Even girls who are shorter will find that these exercises can make your muscles appear longer, so it's a win win for everyone. Toned muscles are happy muscles!

Now you have plenty of new ways to work out your long, beautiful legs. Which one of these workouts are you going to test out today?

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