7 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights at the Gym ...


7 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights at the Gym ...
7 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights at the Gym ...

Instead of going light, consider the reasons to lift heavy weights at the gym. Those dinky dumbbells you’ve been using month after month just aren’t going to cut it anymore. To see real results, you’re going to have to change your exercise routine—and that includes how heavy your weights are. Research has suggested that men AND women benefit from lifting heavier weights that they wouldn’t usually consider. If you want to change your workout regimen to get in tip top shape this year but aren’t sure where to start, keep these seven awesome reasons to lift heavy weights in mind next time you hit the gym.

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They Will Make You Toned Instead of Bulky

Many women are afraid to lift heavy weights because they think they’ll look bulky or unfeminine. But this is just a myth! One of the best reasons to lift heavy weights is the sleek and toned look you’ll get from your hard work and persistent efforts. Strong is the new skinny, and gone are the days of having a stick thin figure. Now, a woman is appreciated for her powerful and sculpted physique. Lifting heavier weights is one of the most effective ways to get the fit physique you’ve always wanted.


Burns Calories and Fat

Did you know that an hour of heavy weight lifting burns more calories than an hour of light weight training? Lifting with heavier weights uses more muscle and energy than completing the same exercises with a lighter weight. Depending on your body weight, you can burn up to twice the calories in half the time! Better yet, try performing your weight training exercises in a continuous circuit with no rest to blast even more fat!


You’re Stronger than You Think

Most women think they’re incapable of lifting heavy weights, but that’s simply not true. You’re much stronger than you think and can definitely handle more than a five pound dumb bell. Try increasing your weight every week you hit the gym. Within a few weeks, you’ll be amazed at how much more weight you can lift. I used to think I’d never be able to bench press like the rest of the guys. Now bench pressing is one of my favorite exercises to do when I lift weights! Don’t let the stereotypes about female weight training get to you and keep you from lifting heavy.


A More Defined Physic

Do you envy those celebrities and fitness models you see online or in magazines? If you want to look tight and toned, you need to lift heavy weights. Heavy weights are what these figure and fitness models use to chisel the physique they want and get that beautifully sculpted definition we all secretly crave. It can take a long time and tons of dedication, but if you want toned arms, shredded abs, and a booty to match, the answer is lifting heavy weights.


Boosts Your Metabolism

What if I told you there was a way to burn calories—even when you’re sitting on the couch and watching TV? Building lean muscle mass is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism, which increases your overall calorie expenditure even when you’re at rest. The only way you’re going to build muscle is by constantly challenging your body with heavier weights. So next time you work out, trade in those easy dumb bells for the higher metabolism.


Fights Osteoporosis

Bone health might not be on your mind today, but it’s definitely something you should be thinking about. Studies suggest that the choices you make in your 20s and 30s have a huge impact on your bones in your 50s and 60s. Consistent strength training is a fantastic way to improve bone mass and overall health. To get the maximum benefits, personal trainers advocate lifting heavier free weights instead of lighter weights using machines. This is as simple as performing a squat instead of using the leg press machine!


Everyday Tasks Will Seem Easier

Do you sometimes get winded after going up a big flight of stairs? Or struggle to carry all your groceries to your house from the car? Many women notice that when they start exercising, lots of everyday tasks become much easier. While lifting lighter weights is still beneficial, it’s the heavy weights that help boost muscular strength in your legs and arms. After a consistent routine of heavier weight lifting, those flights of stairs or those heavy bags of groceries will be a total cinch.

Many women are intimidated by the weight room. I say enough with the stereotypes. Ladies, you will NOT bulk up if you decide to hit the heavier weights. Instead, you’ll have a toned physique that is strong and healthy. How often do you lift heavier weights at the gym?

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I was working out with my trainer earlier today, and he immediately handed me heavier weights. As I moaned and groaned of the pain and agony, he politely said, "Using the weights will give you that lean look." Well, I guess he was right; According to your article

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