How to Outsmart the 7 Downfalls of Fitness ...


How to Outsmart the 7 Downfalls of Fitness ...
How to Outsmart the 7 Downfalls of Fitness ...

Prowling the kitchen at night, gorging on sweets, munching on carbs all hours of the day, and skimping on your workouts may be your downfalls to weight loss but let me teach you how to outsmart your weaknesses. There are strategies to help you outsmart your biggest struggles so you can lose weight and achieve your goals. So stop caving in to your weaknesses, step up to the plate and take action to drop some major pounds. Are you ready to achieve your goals? Then follow these 7 tips to outsmart your downfalls starting today!

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You like to Sleep in but Can’t Get Your Workout in at Night

So your daily plan to workout seemed to continually be derailed because you work late at night and have minimal energy after work. And you are so not a morning person! So you are stuck in a rut and not getting your workouts in! Before you through in the towel get to bed early, get up and become a morning exerciser. Try it for 30 days and it will become part of your life!


You Love Carbs All Hours of the Day

You are the carb queen, noshing on carbs all hours of the day. Snacking on carbs comforts you, satisfies you and it is part of your daily life. Before you consider yourself destined to be overweight because of your addiction to carbs, add more protein to your diet. If you eat more protein you will find yourself less hungry and noshing on way less carbs!


You Are a Total Junk Food Lover

Chips, cookies, crackers, gummy treats and ice cream are part of your weekly eating plan and then you wonder why you can’t seem to lose weight. Add more fruits, veggies and whole grains into your diet and ditch the junk. If you want to lose weight and feel like a champ; you need to start eating like a champ too!


You Are a Total Chocoholic

Chocolate bars, chocolate shakes, and chocolate covered everything seem to haunt you day and night. So how do you free yourself from this addiction? Replacing this would be your best bet. Make your own chocolate mousse with avocado and cocoa powder. This delight will taste great while providing you natural, whole and unprocessed food!


You Snack at Night Every Night

Late night on a regular basis food seems to practically call your name. As much as you try to steer yourself away from this, you keep winding up at the same spot staring into the fridge on an everyday basis. Before you agree you are stuck at your weight because of this affinity of night eating, get to bed earlier before you get yourself in diet trouble!


You Deprive Yourself of Sleep

Late night binge watching your favorite show leads you to sleep in the next day and miss your workout and you feel lifeless as a result. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and a host of sickness so treat your body the way it deserves and get to bed sleepy head. Your body deserves this needed shut eye!


You Skimp on Your Workouts Frequently

Your 60 minute workout on the daily gets cut to 10 minutes due to lack of time or you skip it entirely. Listen celebrities and the busiest of people find time for their workouts and so can you. So stop making excuses and get focused with your goals. You deserve to achieve your weight loss goals but nothing good in life comes easy.

Outsmart your downfalls smart pants and reach goals beyond your wildest dreams! Are you ready to make this year your very best and overcome your downfalls?

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