7 Exercises to do in Water ...


7 Exercises to do in Water ...
7 Exercises to do in Water ...

Water aerobics are not for the faint of heart or just as rehab for someone with an injury. Water aerobics are great to give you resistance without the added stress on your joints. You can perform a wide array of exercises to slim you down and help you to get in your best shape. And while you are on vacation you can stay fit and have some fun while in the pool. So slip on your swimwear and get ready for a great water workout!

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Water Abs

Slip into your swimwear and stay cool as your work your abs all summer long. Follow the tips in this video so you can get the most out of this pool workout. These are all great moves to target your abs and obliques. Tighten your midsection as your work your body!


Work Those Hammies

Noodles are not just for kid’s fun. Utilize the noodle as your water fitness equipment for leg curls to make the most out of your water workout. Perform 3 sets of 12 on each side to work both the hamstrings and glutes!


Work Those Tris

Use the resistance of the water to help you get in your best shape by performing water tricep kickbacks. This exercise is a great way to tighten the skin below your arm and help you to look great in that sleeveless tee you love!


Flutter Those Legs

Work your cardiovascular system and lower body while increasing your heart rate. You can use a kick board or hold onto the side of the pool when performing this exercise. Get ready to bump up your health and get a great in-water workout!


Jumping Jack Fun

Get a great workout without having to put all the stress on your back, knees and joints by performing in water jumping jacks. This exercise is best in water because it doesn't put pounding pressure on your body while still providing a really great workout. So get jumping!


Back It up

Work your core and back, the ultimate stabilizers in preventing an injury. Allow the resistance of the water to help you to strengthen and target your muscle groups. Make sure to know your intentions and tighten the muscles you are working to make the most out of your workout!


High Knees

Work your leg muscles, core and pick up your heart rate by performing high knees! If you want to bump it up a notch or two, wear a weighted vest. This workout can have you out of breath and feeling like you really worked it in no time!

So are you ready to switch things up from your dry land workout and submerge yourself in a great underwater workout? Then get out your swimwear and go!

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