Tricks to Master if You're a Girl That Wants to Be Fit ...


Tricks to Master  if You're a Girl That Wants to Be Fit ...
Tricks to Master  if You're a Girl That Wants to Be Fit ...

From someone who has mastered how to be seriously fit as a certified trainer, sponsored runner, bootcamp owner and your health writer, let me share my tricks of the trade. There are little things you can do that will help you to stay fit. From dusk to dawn I have a fit mind and I know the nature of the fit beast because I live it. And since this has been part of my life so long it is seriously just a healthy habit at this point. These tricks are part of my lifestyle and I cannot imagine my days any other way. So tune in to the tricks of the fit!

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Getting in Your Own Head

hair, clothing, image, swimwear, beauty, I can’t, it hurts, no yes I can. The voice of overcome has to be in your head if you want to get fit. There will be many days you want to jump off the ledge and throw in the towel but if you get in your own head, you can emerge victorious. Do not let defeat slip into your mind because positive people produce positive, fit results!


Not Living in Both Worlds

meal, dish, food, bento, breakfast, For breakfast you eat sausage, bacon and eggs and then when afternoon rolls around, you get back on track to enjoy a healthy salad. What you may have not realized yet is that you can’t live in both worlds. You cannot plan on being fit but then make poor food choices. It has to be a total lifestyle choice or it will be tough to stay on track. Look at it as eating to better your body and your life!


Finding Exercise You Love

clothing, black hair, beauty, model, thigh, If you find fitness that you love it will not feel like a daily chore pushing yourself to work out. You will find yourself longing to get outside to exercise. And on days when life gets in the way you will feel saddened if you missed the chance to do the exercise that you love. Finding a fitness passion is a serious way to get and stay fit for life. Take it from me as a lifelong runner that still thrives on every mile with a smile!


Hanging with Fit Friends

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, sports, athlete, boating, If your friends pressure you to stay out late the night before an early workout, get liquored up and waste the night away, and are just not into being fit, this can be a problem. In fact since birds of a feather flock together, this can post a major downer to your healthy lifestyle. So make fit friends through athletic clubs and the gym. Then workout bonding can be a way for you to multitask as you get fit together!


Exercising Bright and Early

clothing, image, thigh, leg, The fit are super focused and many get up bright and early to focus on what is really important: the betterment of their health! Since fit folks are often successful in all avenues of life, they find getting their exercise in bright and early allows plenty of time to conquer their other daily tasks!


Avoiding Late Night Meals

heart, art, fashion accessory, organ, bead, Another trick of the trade for fit-minded folks is they avoid late night eating. As much as they may want to nosh on chips they know this does not support their goals so they hit the hay for a good night’s sleep. And in the event that they have to eat because they are absolutely starving, they fit choose veggies because this will not crush their hard work in exercise sessions!


Enjoying Double Workouts

human action, person, jogging, sports, muscle, Fit minded people enjoy double workouts. There is nothing like squeezing in another session to work your body strong. Fit lovers make time to exercise on a daily basis and when time allows they sneak in another session. This not only helps them to work further to their goals but also boosts their metabolism and in the end they are winning!


Intensity is More Important than Duration

human action, overhead press, structure, person, room, It actually does matter if you spend 30 minutes breaking a great sweat, vs 60 minutes doing a leisurely workout. While any exercise is important, to burn extra calories you've got to get your heart rate going strong! But keep in mind, any exercise over 60-90 minutes is actually counterproductive because it destroys muscle and builds fat stores.


Know What You Eat

dish, food, breakfast, meal, coconut, Just because it looks healthy, or even if the label says it is, doesn't mean it is. Be aware of what healthy foods actually are and watch what it is you're putting in your body! Eating unprocessed foods and more veggies is definitely bound to up your weight loss and fitness.


Be Aware of Travel

clothing, person, human positions, sitting, photography, Vacation coming up right in the middle of your diet? Don't let that stop you. Hotels have workout centers, there's healthy options at restaurants, and you should always maintain a sense of awareness even during travel.

So be a master in your life of fitness and make today healthier than yesterday!

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Thank you Iam a 15 year old girl and all u wanted to do us loose weight but I feels like every time I try it gets harder every minute this is a lite embarrassing but I weigh 282lb and every night I cry my eyes out because of bullying or not fitting in.

Make a postt bout how to read foood labels

The key is to stick to any workout you love and stay motivated. Tell yourself you will and can get where you want to be!!! You can do this!

awesome tips!


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