7 Incredible No Equipment Exercises That Actually Work ...

By Tara

7 Incredible No Equipment Exercises That Actually Work ...

Did you know there are countless no equipment exercises that can give you a great workout without the need for expensive equipment? If you are not a member of a gym but you're looking for a great workout, have no fear because it all lies within you. Just by using your body weight, you can get great resistance workouts to help you to get in shape, lose weight and feel incredible. As a boot camp owner, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I do exercises that don't need equipment on a daily basis and see great results from this. Here is how:

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1 Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the most basic no equipment exercises that will help you to elevate your heart rate and get in shape. So get back to the basics and get jumping to your best shape! Perform five minutes of jumping jacks to warm up your body and elevate your heart rate.

2 Squats

Get down into seated position with your weight on your heels and work your lower body. Lower and raise several times to work your legs and butt. To feel even more resistance, hold for one minute and then raise. This no equipment exercise will have you seeing great results in your lower half in no time.

3 Lunges

To target the larger muscle groups of one leg, lower your body down 90 degrees into a lunge, then raise and perform this on the other side. This simple exercise is so effective it will have you baring lean, toned legs in no time at all!

4 Push up

Get your body in push up position on your forearms and lower your body all the way to the floor, then raise again. When you perform a push up you are using your body weight as resistance to strengthen and tone your arms, back and shoulders. So skip the fancy equipment and stick to the basics for a great workout today!

5 Running

The ultimate cardiovascular exercise that requires no fancy, expensive equipment has been a staple of my life for as long as I can remember: running! Running is an incredible total body workout that can help you get in the best shape of your life. And the best part is that all you need is a good pair of running sneaker to begin, so run for your life!

6 Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are a phenomenal exercise for working your butt and legs, while also bettering your balance, and this exercise requires absolutely no equipment. Stand with both feet together and hands by thighs, lift one leg so it is lifted. Now lean forward and bend your torso, raising your lift leg to extend fully. Then alternate to your other leg. Repeat for 10 repetitions on each leg to help you achieve toned, sculpted abs!

7 Crunches

For as long as I can remember, there were useless abdominal contraptions for sale that produced no results. The best effective way to work your abs is pretty simple; stick to crunches and a clean diet. As a mom of 3, I have my best abs yet by following this practice. I have the six pack abs I always wanted as a teen, but it took me until my twenties to get this. Don’t wait this long and stick to the basics to achieve your best body yet!

Now that you know some great exercises that require no equipment, are you ready to put these exercises to the test? Then get out and get moving so that you can achieve your best body yet!

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at first you'd better work with machines

I do these !!! my trainer said were three demential and working out with machines is two demential it's ok to use for the beginning of you trying to get into shape but not in the long haul

I do almost all of these :) I'm going to try the dead lifts :)

@Aliza dead lift is a very good excercise but but its so important you do it correctly



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