9 Fat Blasting 💥 Moves for when You're Sick of 😖 the Treadmill 🏃🏼 ...

Sure, running on the treadmill is a fantastic workout. It burns loads of calories and tones the muscles in your lower body. But just because it's a great workout doesn't mean it's the only one that works. If you're sick and tired of your time on the treadmill, there are loads of other ways to blast fat and get in shape. Try any of these, courtesy of womanista.com, and you'll be loving your workout in a whole new way.

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Start in a squat stance with toes slightly turned out. Reach and grab the ball while keeping your chest lifted. Push out of the squat while lifting the ball overhead and dropping it behind your head like a triceps extension. Slam the ball into the ground while simultaneously dropping into your squat; catch the ball as it bounces up and repeat.

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