7 Foods to Eat after Your Next Workout to Improve Muscle Pain ...

If you’re an athlete, or just exercise daily, I’ve got some tasty and healthy foods that improve pain for your post workout benefit! It is so important to take care of your muscles after working out. For starters, doing so helps relieve inflammation, which can damage your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cause injury if you exercise on sore muscles the next day. Also, if proper recovery isn’t given to your muscles, you’ll be able to accomplish less during your next workout session. Working out is so great for you, and a great way to build and sculpt lean muscle, plus increase your metabolism. Just be sure you take care of your muscles in the meantime and give them recovery foods such as these below. They’re versatile, whole foods instead of processed recovery energy drinks, bars and shakes. To take care of your gorgeous and fit body, feed your muscles these tasty foods that improve pain. You'll not only look great, but feel it too!

1. Maca

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Maca root is hands down one of the best recovery foods that improve pain of all foods. Even though this butterscotch flavored superfood powder is thought of as a luxury product, it is in fact a necessity to anyone who works out and wants to give their body the cleanest recover aids possible. Put away the Gatorade and turn to maca powder! Use 1 tsp. of this powder in a smoothie after your workout. It improves your recovery rate, reduces inflammation and stress, and also gives you sustained energy so you don’t crash later in the day. Maca also relieves pain in the nerve endings of the body, and provides your muscles with key amino acids needed during recovery. As a bonus, it boosts your libido and balances your hormones associated with PMS.

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