The Best Workouts to do on the Beach ...


The Best Workouts to do on the Beach ...
The Best Workouts to do on the Beach ...

At this time of the year, it makes sense that you would want to spend as much time as you can on the beach. However, if you don’t have the bikini body to show off, then what’s the point, right!? One simple way to kill two birds with one stone is to make your way to the beach, and then exercise there instead! The nature of beaches and the weird surface that the sand creates underfoot means that not all types of exercise are ideal, however. To help you find the right balance, here are the best workouts to do on the beach.

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Running is one of the best workouts that you can do on the beach because the soft and moving ground that the sand creates makes for a really testing and tough exercise. You will find that you use many more muscles running on sand than on a solid surface because there is also the movement of pulling your feet out of the moving floor to contend with. You’ll definitely feel the burn!



Have you heard of plyometric routines? They are a form of exercise that involves quick and repetitive stretching and contracting of muscles, designed to increase your overall strength. The kind of resistance that the sand can provide during plyometric routines makes them even more beneficial.



If jumping and lunging on hard surfaces isn’t your favourite thing, then doing it on the beach can be really good for you because the sand can provide a unique opportunity to give your ankles a little support whilst also helping to strengthen them. Doing jumping exercises on the beach can actually help to improve your form on firmer ground too.



You will already be in a good mood from being so close to the beautiful ocean, so do some ‘sneaky’ exercise by playing ball games and Frisbee. Games like this, especially played on sand, take a lot out of you and force you to work really hard, but most importantly, you will be having so much fun doing it that it won’t even feel like a proper workout!



There is nothing quite like swimming in the ocean, and thanks to the currents and wave aspects, it makes for a much more challenging form of exercise than your local pool! Be careful to pick a stretch that is suitable for your swimming level, and then get to moving! You will feel super free as well getting a great full body workout.

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