Can Golf Give You a Good Workout?


Can Golf Give You a Good Workout?
Can Golf Give You a Good Workout?

Golf might seem like a leisurely activity that is more of a fun thing rather than a great workout. Turns out that’s not entirely true. While the golf course might be predominantly businessmen or retired guys, it can be a woman’s paradise too. You probably can’t rely on golf alone as your exercise routine, but it does have its benefits. To learn why you should put golf into your workout rotation now and then continue reading.

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Playing Golf Burns Calories

Sure, there’s a lot of standing around when you play a game of golf, but if you skip the cart and walk between holes, you’re actually burning a pretty good number of calories. Experts say that you’ll walk up to five miles if you play all 18 holes. Your calorie burn is boosted a little when you walk up hills and through the sand traps.


You Will Also Work All of Your Muscles

The walking alone will tone your lower body, including your legs and butt. When it’s your turn to play, swinging the golf club will work your arms, shoulders, back and core. Golf is a great addition to your routine because it engages your whole body, which helps build strength and endurance. That’s pretty great, right?


Slash Your Stress on the Range

Whacking golf balls can help you relieve stress. It’s well known that high stress levels drive your production of appetite hormones, which can lead you to overeating. By working out your body and easing your stress, you can control your appetite and get a great workout at the same time. If you can’t fit in an entire game, just hit the driving range for a little while. You’ll get the same benefits!


It Helps You Stay in the Zone

When you play golf, it requires concentration to line up your shot and have the winning score. This translates to better performance on the course and off. When you master this epic concentration and focus, you can use it for other forms of exercise too. This will ensure that you maximize the results and benefits of both golf and any other form of exercise you choose.


You Have to Engage Your Balance

You might wonder how balance can translate into a great workout, but it can. Anytime you have to balance, you engage your core so that you don’t fall down. When you line up your shot and whack your golf ball, that’s just what you’re doing. This repeated engagement of your back and stomach muscles help tone them. Lean, toned muscles boosts your metabolism and helps your body more effectively burn calories. Who knew?


It’s Totally Social

Most people don’t play golf alone, which is great for your fitness. When someone is expecting you, it’s hard to skip your tee time. This accountability ensures that you get the workout you’ve planned and reap the rewards from it. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends or exercise buddies. This healthy competition ensures that you work harder and get the most out of your time on the course.


Last but Not Least, It’s Fun

When you choose a workout, it’s important to pick one that you enjoy. When you look forward to your exercise, it’s much more likely that you’ll stick with it. If you love playing golf, then it’s a great choice to add to your workout routine.

Do you play golf? Did you know it was such a great workout?

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I play golf with my dad and brothers, and while it is a lot of fun and great exercise, it can be pretty stressful (especially when you're brothers are as intense as mine are). It's important to remember to just have fun and relax.

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