7 Workouts to Shrink the Waist for Girls Who Hate Their Midsection ...


7 Workouts to Shrink the Waist for Girls Who Hate Their Midsection ...
7 Workouts to Shrink the Waist for Girls Who Hate Their Midsection ...

If you are tired of hiding your midsection with high-waisted pants and not feeling your best, it is time to take action to combat this. You may have tried bettering your diet and exercise with little results but relax. As your trainer I have exercises that are certain to shrink your waistline. So stop hiding your waist, feeling uncomfortable and dreading what you will wear next and take action with these moves starting today!

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Swinging Plank

While in the plank, raise your leg and swing it to the ceiling. You will engage your glutes while working your abdominal muscles. Just be sure to engage your abdominal muscles so you strengthen the abdominal wall and shrink your waist line pronto!


Plank Leg Lift

There is no reason to be unsatisfied with your middle so make a change by performing plank leg lifts. Simply plank for one minute then reach to the side for a side plank and raise your leg for 10 leg lifts each side. Now switch sides. This leg lift will help you to target your obliques. And the plank will of course work your abdominal circumference. Perform this on a regular basis and you will feel stronger and notice your waist begin to shrink!


Pike and Dip

While in the plank position raise your butt in the air, like a pike and then dip down and turn your hips out. You will feel this move in the entire abdominal muscle area and even your back. Just be sure to perform this move slowly so you really feel the burn!



Laying on your back with legs flat and arms straight up above your head, fold your body up to perform a jackknife. Jackknifes are a super effective exercise to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Since this exercise is so intense you may find it difficult to perform one so feel free to start out easy and modify this with a one leg jackknife. Alternate raising arms and legs for 10 on each side.


Dancing Plank

As you get in plank position, shake your hips and raise and lower your body to the beat of some tunes. This powerful move is the dancing plank and although it feels like pure fun, it is actually super challenging. So dance it out to work your abs and whittle your middle away!


Crunch Holds

Performing a crunch may seem like a simple exercise but if you add a hold you can bring it to the next level. Train your muscles to stay engaged and find the 6 pack abdominal muscles you never knew you even had. Where in the world have those muscles been hiding? All it will take is some training to discover them!


6 Inch Leg Flutters

If you notice your lower abdominal muscles appearing loose and lacking definition, it is time to focus on this. Extend your legs and raise them 6 inches from the ground and hold. Try to keep your legs at this point for 60 seconds. Now flutter your legs and feel the burn. Stay focused so you make the most out of every abdominal slimming move!

With all the great ideas to help you slim down your midsection, be sure you eat healthy and stay on track to achieving great results. You get out what you put in, so make sure you give it all you got!

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