7 Workouts 💪🏼 to Shrink the Waist for Girls Who Hate Their Midsection 👎🏼 ...

If you are tired of hiding your midsection with high-waisted pants and not feeling your best, it is time to take action to combat this. You may have tried bettering your diet and exercise with little results but relax. As your trainer I have exercises that are certain to shrink your waistline. So stop hiding your waist, feeling uncomfortable and dreading what you will wear next and take action with these moves starting today!

1. Swinging Plank

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While in the plank, raise your leg and swing it to the ceiling. You will engage your glutes while working your abdominal muscles. Just be sure to engage your abdominal muscles so you strengthen the abdominal wall and shrink your waist line pronto!

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