7 Heavenly Exercises to Reduce Stress ASAP ...


7 Heavenly Exercises to Reduce Stress ASAP ...
7 Heavenly Exercises to Reduce Stress ASAP ...

Did you know that stretching and exercising will help you to alleviate the daily stress and rigors of each day? If you do not believe get out for a run after the most stressful of days and just see how you feel. It is a million times better then stress eating and will better your body. So follow along to be inspired by these great videos of exercises to reduce stress to guide you to living a healthier, happier and stress free life!

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Stretch out the Stress

Stretch out the stress and rigors of the day with this super stretching workout. Infusing yoga into your workouts can stretch out your muscles and help you to feel stronger for the day. So follow along with stretches like downward dog and the cobra to help you feel at your best for the day!


Boost Your Mood

Begin by walking your upper body out to relieve tightness, boost endorphin and make the most out of this stretch. You may find as you begin to just move more you will feel better and have more power in your punch. Follow this stretch with a light walk to give your body energy and just feel better!


Roll out the Stress

Since people often harbor stress in their neck, simple stretches can help you to alleviate this. If you follow these stretches you will loosen up the tightness in your neck and just feel better. So roll out the stress and smile!


Stretch It out Smiley

If you want to smile with sheer satisfaction then take a step in the right direction of better mental health by stretching it out. If you are feel tight, tense and on edge, you may just need to stretch it out. Then smile because you should be feeling less stressed and on top of the world!


Ditch Those Sleepless Nights

If you are finding yourself so stressed you are having trouble sleeping soundly; check out this super stretch. Reach your inner zen with these relaxing stretches that are good for the soul. Get in a peaceful and quiet place to relax your body and your mind!


Breathe Easy and Focus

If you focus on slow and controlled breathing you will regain control of your life. With every slow, deep breathe you will become more relaxed. Slowly take deep breathes and exhale all the stress in your life. This will help you to remove the tension from your body and just feel good!


Add Some Resistance

Just like running or any other high intensity exercise, lifting weights can help to relieve tension and boost your metabolism. So to bump it up to the next level and just feel better, add kettle bells into your resistance routine. Follow along in this short video so that in just over 10 minutes you can get fit and sweat out the stress!

All these ideas will help you but as long as you exercise you will relieve stress so make sure you find time for your fitness and health. You deserve to live a healthy, happy and worry free life!

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