Fabulous Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Girls Who Hate It ...


Fabulous  Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Girls Who Hate It ...
Fabulous  Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Girls Who Hate It ...

Looking for some ways to make exercise fun? Too often, we treat exercise as an obligation. Something we HAVE to do. Does even thinking about working out make you want to go lie down? Exercise should not feel like a chore. Today, I am going to share some great ways to make exercise fun.

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Approach Exercise like a Child at Recess!

It is definitely better to have fun and do what you love, instead of being miserable. This is one of the best ways to make exercise fun.


Do Exercise to Your Liking

Try as many different ways of exercising as possible so that you find one that you actually look forward to doing.


Work on a Reward Basis

Give yourself a treat in the form of some workout gear when you achieve something toward your fitness.


Listen to a Favorite Playlist

Music during a workout can reduce the perception of how hard you are working out.


Dance the Night Away!

Not the sporty type? Dancing is a great way to get fit! You don't even need a partner.



Keep records of your workouts and take photos along the way. Proof of your progress will boost motivation.


Use a Timer

They keep you honest and motivated. Record your workouts, then attempt to beat the next round of minutes.


Don't Worry about What People Think when You Are Working out

Crank it up and get lost in your own little world! You'll be in shape before you know it!

Staying healthy doesn't have to be torture. By looking at these various ways, you are bound to find something you maybe never thought about! For example, I might think about #6, which is to dance the night away, although I am the worst dancer. But then I look at #8 and know not to worry about what other people think! See how easy?

I really hope this article inspires you in some way. We are not all made to be a Barbie doll. Some women need that little spark of hope that they too can look like a supermodel.








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