Is Your Workout Too Easy?


Is Your Workout Too Easy?
Is Your Workout Too Easy?

Your workout should push you. If you aren’t sweating and feeling the burn from your exercises they probably aren’t hard enough and you aren’t putting your body through its paces. Check out these signs to see if you need to switch up your workouts.

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You Don’t Feel Tired

You Don’t Feel Tired One of the most obvious signs that your workout is too easy is that you don’t really feel all that tired. You are breezing through the same routine that at one time had you begging for mercy. You don’t sweat that much, and your heart isn’t pounding like it used to when you finished your routine. Add new exercises or increase repetitions in your routine until you feel that old familiar burn. Pushing your body to new limits can help you keep your workout effective and can improve your metabolic health.


You’re Not Increasing Your Heart Rate

You’re Not Increasing Your Heart Rate While working your muscles is great, it’s important that exercise also increases your heart rate. Muscular workouts will increase your muscular mass, but studies show that raising your heart rate during a workout has a part in decreasing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. What your target heart rate should be is largely dependent on your age and current weight, so check with your health care professional first.


You Can Hold a Full Conversation

You Can Hold a Full Conversation If you can hold a conversation with someone in the gym or on your phone, your workout is too easy. Workout time shouldn’t be your social hour, because if it’s really a workout then it would be hard to keep a conversation going. Although going to the gym can be a fun and socially engaging experience, your heart rate isn’t up where it needs to be if conversation is easy. Without all that heavy breathing that comes with a good workout, your workout may not be having much of an impact.


Your Routine Seems Boring

If you find you’re just sitting around between rotations, you might need something that inspires you more. Exercise with a workout partner or a coach to keep you inspired and it will push you when you start to feel lazy. If you aren’t all that into your workout, you won’t expend much effort into your routines, and as such, you won’t get your best out of it. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up your routine a little to keep it interesting.


You Don’t See Any Progress

You Don’t See Any Progress You should be able to lift more, exercise for a longer period of time, and have more endurance after 4 weeks practicing your routine. It’s normal to hit plateaus, or times when you don’t seem to be making any progress. It happens to everyone. But you shouldn’t be stuck at one stage in your progress for long, and if you are, it’s time to up your routine to match your fitness goals.


You do the Same Workout Every Time

You do the Same Workout Every Time Even if you’ve found a workout you love, that makes you comfortable and that shows results, if you want to continue to build muscle and get toned you’ll need to switch out the routine a bit. Most exercise professionals suggest changing your routine every four to six weeks. Many people acclimate to their current workout in that amount of time; at that point your workout becomes merely maintenance instead of progress. Dramatically change your workout, let your body adjust to it, and then change it again four to six weeks later.


You Never Feel Sore

You Never Feel Sore It’s not necessary for you to feel sore after every workout. However, lean muscle is built when your feel sore - the result of micro tears in the muscle. These micro tears are repaired by your body during rest, which forms new lean muscle mass. If it’s been a few months since you’ve felt sore after a workout, mix up your routines to focus on different muscle groups or increase repetitions on the muscles you’re already working.

Have you said hell yeah to any of these signs? Then girl, it’s time to hop over – quick march – to the AWS Fitness section to find some new exercises to ramp up your routine.

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