Things You Should do before Every Workout ...

By Tara

Things You Should do before Every Workout ...

So you are ready to get your fit on and get in your best shape? That is great! But are you really ready? There is a certain amount of physical and mental preparation that you have to go through to be fully prepped for your best workout. It is more than just moving your body. You need to be focused and have your head in the game if you want to achieve the best results! And I can tell you as a certified trainer for well over a decade, the clients that achieve the best results are fully prepped. So here is how you prepare and get your best workout!

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1 Listen to Your Body

Not every day is good for every workout. Some days you may feel so amazing you are ready for an ultra-intense workout, while others may not. If you are close to your cycle and feeling crampy, for example, a core workout may not be for you. So listen to your body and plan a workout that works for today!

2 Channel Your Motivation

One of the best things you can do before you work out is identify with what motivates you right now. You may want to look good for the upcoming wedding you are attending in a few weeks or to lose 2lbs this week. Write down what motivates you and use this to fuel your workout!

3 Set Your Tunes

Having the right tunes can help you to work out even harder. If you are performing a cardio routine, you may want music that is a quicker beat than if you are strength training. Create a playlist for each type of workout and get ready to work hard and being moved by the music in your ears!

4 Put on Your Workout Gear

If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut with life getting in the way of you and your workout, you need to put on your fitness wear first thing. If you put on your fitness gear there is less likelihood of you making excuses and missing your workout. I put on my gear and will not go to sleep until I get my workout in. It is all about priorities in life!

5 Set a Schedule

Set a schedule for your workouts to help you to meet your goal and also avoid an injury. Three ultra-intense workouts in a row can put strain on your body and not allow your body much needed recovery. Set your workouts accordingly to meet your goals. And when in doubt, check in with one of the trainers at your gym to help you get on the right track to success!

6 Hydrate for Your Health

Preparing for your workout is not just about lacing up your sneakers and setting a game plan for your workout. You also need to hydrate to prevent dehydration, muscle cramping and fatigue. So make sure to drink water before, during, and after your workout. Your body will thank you because you will feel so much better and perform better as a result!

7 Stretch It out

Static stretches like bending down to touch your toes are a thing of the past because they actually increase your risk of an injury. Now dynamic stretches - stretching in motion - are what is in because this is what will help you to perform like a champ and even recover quicker. So begin with jogging in place and jumping jacks for 5 minutes to get the blood flowing and prep your body for a really great workout!

So you got it all down and you are ready for a really great workout. Step to it to get in your best shape starting today!

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