5 Morning Workouts to Totally Energize Your Day ...


5 Morning Workouts to Totally Energize Your Day ...
5 Morning Workouts to Totally Energize Your Day ...

I'm here to give you some morning workouts to energize your day. Even though you might not feel like it when you are snuggled up in your duvet listening to your alarm go off, several studies have shown that the early morning is actually the best time of the day to work out!

If you are a morning person, you are well aware of the benefits of working out before you actually start your day, but I know that some of you out there will need a little more convincing! Don’t be fooled into thinking that exercise in the morning will result in feelings of tiredness for the rest of the day. In fact, it can be the exact opposite. Here are five great morning workouts to energize your day.

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The Wonder Woman

This workout is the perfect routine to get you going in the early morning and sustain you for the rest of the day! Created by Cassey Ho, the founder of POP Pilates, the Wonder Woman routine contains plenty of low punches, crunches and lots of movement that will get your body prepared for a long day ahead. You’ll certainly feel like Wonder Woman after giving this one a go! It's one of my favorite morning workouts to energize your day.


Fresh Morning Yoga

If you are the kind of person who never seems to feel fresh and ready to attack the day, then this routine really could be the turning point for you. Yoga instructor Adriene has developed a yoga routine that uses lots of deep breathing and posture practise, the perfect combination for getting you wide awake and prepared for the long day ahead.


Dance to Burn Fat

What could be a better way to welcome the new day than with an exercise dance party!? That is exactly what you get with Danielle Peazer’s amazing workout, a full fat burning experience with an added groove to ensure that your workout feels more like a party than a chore!


Power up Your Day

This is the perfect workout routine for the sensitive sleeping souls who need a little more time than most to get themselves up and ready in the mornings. It is a gentle wake up and stretch routine that can really have a positive effect on your body, relaxing your muscles and filling you with the endorphins that can help you coast through the rest of the day!


Wake up Yoga for Women

Yoga definitely seems to be the workout of choice for the early morning thanks to its gentle but effective nature. This particular routine might not be the most relaxed and easy, but it is certainly one that will push you to your early morning limits and get you fully pumped up for the day ahead. It will open up your muscles and improve your posture every single day, something that can prevent you from getting the usual aches and pains of daily professional life!

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