10 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories ...


10 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories ...
10 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories ...

When you are starting out on a fitness journey, it makes total sense to want to focus on the types of workouts that are going to burn the most calories and produce the most efficient results, right? The problem is, there is so much different information online about health and fitness that you don’t always know which direction to go. Well, seeing as I know what kind of fitness journey you want to be on, you might as well stick to this article as your go to! Here are the ten exercises that burn the most calories.

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plant, grass, tree, lawn, recreation, Skipping is a great way to engage both your arms and your shoulders, especially if you go one step further and use a weighted skipping rope for extra tension.


Stair Sprints

sports, athletics, recreation, sport venue, physical fitness, Sprinting up and down your stairs is something that you can do easily at home, but if you prefer to do your exercising out of the house, you can always swap the stairs for a steep hill outdoors.



headgear, product, child, play, recreation, Kickboxing is one of those full body exercises that is so much fun to do that it doesn’t really feel like working out! You can burn about 600 calories an hour going full blast!


Interval Cycling

bicycle, road bicycle, vertebrate, cycling, vehicle, Going on a gentle bike ride is good for general health, but to burn as many calories as possible you should be doing interval training that involves short sharp bursts of speed and power every so often.



running, sports, recreation, physical exercise, shoe, If you go on a good run at a steady pace, not only will you release lots of feel good endorphins, but you will continue to burn calories throughout the day even after you have finished your run.



water, joint, shoulder, vacation, standing, Kettlebells are something every exerciser should have at home. You can create some really effective circuits for yourself using them, focusing on which over parts of your body you want to work out the most.


Exercise Bike

indoor cycling, structure, gym, shoulder, sportswear, If you’d rather work out indoors than outdoors, then this exercise is perfect for you. To get the best calorie burn, do some interval training with a gentle cycle that turns in to fast sprints at regular gaps.


Rowing Machine

exercise machine, exercise equipment, shoulder, joint, sitting, Rowing machines are brilliant for providing a full body workout, and thanks to this land-based technology you don’t ever have to worry about falling in the river after a dodgy stroke!



blue, art, graphic design, line, illustration, Basically, just commit to taking the stairs whenever there is a choice. You would be surprised by just how many extra calories you can burn by being more proactive and avoiding elevators!


Battle Ropes

exercise equipment, physical fitness, joint, shoulder, thigh, You’ve probably seen these on Instagram and other social media, those crazy looking heavy ropes that people thrash away with. It looks cool as hell, and it is also a fantastic way to burn calories and tone arms and abs!

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