Most Common Exercise Excuses People Make for Not Working out ...


Most Common Exercise Excuses People Make for Not Working out ...
Most Common Exercise Excuses People Make for Not Working out ...

Yes! I am guilty – all the time. I have to admit that I try and find the most creative excuses for not working out because then at least I can console myself with the idea that I’m exercising my brain. But seriously, making excuses to not work out is just negative behavior for your health and well-being. What’s your favorite excuse for not exercising?

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No Time

No Time “I couldn’t possibly get to the gym, I hardly have enough time to get home and cook myself some dinner before I need to go to bed and get ready for tomorrow’s work day!”


Too Tired

Too Tired “My work days are just so intensive that by the evening when I have free time, I just want to chill and relax and on couch. Working in an office can be exhausting!”



Boring “Why would I want to go for a run when I could be having fun with my friends at home or at a bar instead? Working out is just plain boring!”


No Motivation

No Motivation “I’m not that out of shape, so I find it hard to really get motivated to go through all that pain for something that will bring not that noticeable results.”


The Kids

The Kids “I have the kids to look after. I couldn’t possibly leave them with somebody else for an hour or so in the evenings 'cos they would run riot!”


No Partner

No Partner “I only want to work out if I can have a trainer or a partner to do it with, so as long as I’m flying solo, I don’t want to take part!”



Ill “Oh, no, no today, I’ve got a slight headache and I could have sworn that I sneezed a few time this morning which obviously means that I’m getting a cold!”


Too Expensive

Too Expensive “Sure, a gym sounds tempting, but I just can’t afford the steep monthly membership and I don’t want to just jog in the park instead!”



Inexperienced “The truth is, I just don’t know how to work out properly. I have never been taught how to train so there is no point starting now.”



Intimidated “I’m too shy. It’s really intimidating going to the gym and having to work out in front of all of those super fit people.”


Personal Crisis

Personal Crisis “I’ve just gone through a bad break up. I couldn’t possibly leave my bed and do something productive. Let me wallow!”



Injury “No way! I’m not using all of those contraptions at the gym! I’ll come out more injured and unfit than when I went in!”


Nothing to Wear

Nothing to Wear "My cute sports gear is all in the wash. Can't work out in my sweats - those are for lying around in on the couch to binge watch Netflix."


Can't Find Sneakers

Can't Find Sneakers Even if my workoput clothes were clean, I couldn't go to the gym anyway, 'cos I've mislaid my sneakers."



Busy “I’m way too busy to work out today. I’ve got that crossword puzzle to do and that 30-minute TV show to watch. Full schedule!”



Hangover “Sorry guys, I went overboard last night and if I partake in any physical activity today I’m going to barf all over the treadmill!”



Emergency “I can’t come with you guys. I’ve just received an emergency text from my friend. Sorry, gotta run!”


Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day “No way am I going to the gym where all the beautiful people work out with the level of bed hair that I am suffering from today!”


Fake Tan

Fake Tan "I've just had a respray and if I sweat too much, my tan will run."



Chilled “I’m just so relaxed today after that great weekend that I don’t want to risk losing the vibe by getting my heart rate up!”



Mani-Pedi “I only just got a new mani-pedi and I don’t want to risk chipping a nail doing something that might count as exercise!”


Make up

Make up “Not today my friend. My makeup is absolutely flawless and I’m not doing anything to get sweaty and ruin it!”


Dog Poop!

Dog Poop! “Oh no! Look! I stepped in dog poop when I was out walking Fluffy, I can’t go to the gym with these gross sneakers now!”


Too Hard

Too Hard “Look, I’ve tried, like two times before, and it’s just too hard! I don’t like doing things that are too hard!”



Fear “I’m scared of the days of muscle ache that comes after having one good session in the gym. I prefer to be pain free!”



Diet “Oh, don’t worry. I’m on a diet so I don’t really have to go to the gym as well. I’ve got everything under control.”



Hunger “My problem is I get really hungry after a workout and end up piling the calories back on. I’d rather not work out but also not eat the extra food!”


Next Week

Next Week “Well, it’s Tuesday, I can’t start on a Tuesday! I’ll start next Monday, a fresh new week for a fresh new me!”


Fake out

Fake out “Where were you? I showed up and I couldn’t see you in the gym so I left. Yes, I did turn up, I promise!”


Car Trouble

Car Trouble “My car is at the shop being fixed so there is no chance I’m going to be able to get to the gym!”


My Show

My Show “I can’t go out tonight. The finale of my favorite show is airing and I can’t possibly do anything but sit on the couch and watch it!”


Already Tried

Already Tried “Oh, I tried working out once. It didn’t really work for me so I can’t be bothered to try it again.”


It's the Time of the Month

It's the Time of the Month "No one, but no one works out when they're on their period. If they do it's gross."

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My daughter has tried to pull the "I'm sick" but she really was sick with a cold. I have found though that exercising with a cold unclogs a stuffy nose

Absolutely true

Haha this is so true!

So true very much on point! I will say don't be afraid just go for it!

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