7 Inspirational Tips for People Who Want to Fuel Their Workouts ...


7 Inspirational Tips for People Who Want to Fuel Their Workouts ...
7 Inspirational Tips for People Who Want to Fuel Their Workouts ...

As a certified trainer for over a decade and a fitness enthusiast with over 25 marathons under my belt - or miles on my body, rather - fitness is my life. I wake up every day always finding a way to work out despite a busy life as a trainer, writer, nutritionist and mother of three. As much as I like to say that I am a supermom, anyone can do what I do; it is all about what your priorities are. If exercise is important to you, you will find away. But sometimes a little inspiration is just what you need to push you to get up and give it a go at your next workout. So let me share some inspirational tips to help you get motivated for your next workout!

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Stop Wishing, Start Doing

clothing, swimwear, photography, beauty, supermodel, As a young girl, I would doodle in a notebook and fill it with my lifelong goals. When I was in class, my mind would often drift away to this. I always had big dreams but with dreams, you have a choice to keep them in your mind or choose to execute them. I chose to stop wishing and start doing and my fitness resume proves this. What about you? You deserve to get in your best shape so make a plan and do this!


Every Step You Take is 1 Step Closer to Your Goal

Whether you are choosing to run longer, lift more weights or conquer a new fitness goal, realize every step you take is 1 step closer to your goal. So create a plan and follow this. Put in the time and I promise it will pay off in your great results!


Embrace the journey and cherish every small victory along the way. It's not just about the end result; it's about the personal growth and strength you gain with each workout session. When progress seems slow, remember that consistency is key. Every effort counts, and the accumulated impact of your dedication will be evident over time. So, stay focused, celebrate the incremental improvements, and trust the process. Your commitment to every single rep, every lap, and every healthy choice is forging a stronger, more empowered you. Stay motivated and watch as your goals turn into achievements.


You Deserve to Achieve Your Greatness

You only have one life, so why choose to live an average life just getting by, why not excel and do more? If you choose to be great then you will be great. Life is all about making choices each day so get out there and work your butt off to achieve your best fitness and health!


Surround Yourself with Support

Another way to stay on track to being a fitness fab queen is to simply surround yourself with support. Be around people who get your goals and think you rock for this. If you have a great support network you will be happier in your daily choices and there is nothing greater than knowing people believe in you!


You Are What You Eat

food, berry, produce, plant, fruit, For fitness and weight loss, you cannot expect to see amazing results living on fast food. If you want to perform like a pro and look like one too, you have to make healthy food choices. So take time to create healthy dishes and fuel your body the right way!


Eating a balanced diet is essential for anyone looking to get the most out of their workouts. Incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into your daily regimen to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs. Also, don't forget hydration is key—water should become your best friend. By consuming nutrient-dense foods, you'll not only improve your physical performance but also support your overall health. Remember, nourishing your body goes beyond simple calorie counting; it's about making every bite count for a stronger and healthier you.


Training is Evident in Your Attitude and Aesthetics

If you train hard, chances are you are a passionate person and this will be evident in the confidence that you portray. You will also look the part because exercise training pays off with body changes. So show off your success because if you work out hard, you most certainly earned this!


Early Bird Has the Least Excuses

human action, active undergarment, underpants, clothing, undergarment, If you want to be inspired and stay on track to your goals, simply shift your workout time. Exercise early in the morning so you have a lesser likelihood of becoming sidetracked. It is easy to be distracted after work with a meeting but at 5 am, there are few obstacles. So start your day the right way with a wake-you-up workout!

With these inspirational tips, do you feel ready to perform like a super athlete and get in your best shape? Then get up, get going, stop wishing and start doing!

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really .?.!..?

Number 5 is my downfall! It is expensive to eat well. I am presently unemployed and it is hard. Being an emotional eater does not help either.

I always say that You are what you eat. All these are so true

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