7 Benefits of Having Strong Legs ...

There are a ton of benefits of having strong legs! You may get tired of countless squats, lunges, and cardio, but the benefits of having strong legs are definitely worth all that hard work. Stronger legs don’t just help you perform better in the gym—they also help you with everyday tasks. Next time you’re thinking of bailing on a workout, keep these benefits of having strong legs in mind!

1. Healthier Heart

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A healthier heart is one of the top benefits of having strong legs. Whether it’s cardio or hitting the weights, research indicates that consistently working out the leg muscles leads to better cardiovascular health. Remember that you don’t always need endure a grueling workout to reap the benefits. Even a brisk walk after dinner can lead to a healthier heart.

2. More Muscle

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The more muscle on your frame, the higher your metabolism will be and the more fat you’ll burn. Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes are the largest muscle groups in your body. Larger muscles not only burn more calories during a workout, but they improve your overall metabolic rate. Working out your legs on a regular basis will definitely increase your lean muscle mass, giving you a leaner body.

3. Better Upper Body

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You might think having strong legs only relates to your lower body but compound exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts can actually work your upper body as well. Using barbells or dumbbells for added weight and intensity can work your shoulders, arms, and upper back. Adding leg exercises to your fitness routine doesn’t just work your legs, but can actually work your whole body!

4. A Nice Butt

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Let’s be honest: almost everyone wants a nice butt. While genetics plays a role, there are some things you can do to increase your muscle mass and create that shapely rear you’ve always wanted. Exercises that work the glutes and hamstrings are especially good for the backside, so try to incorporate lots of lunges, hamstring curls, and use machines like the leg press. Not only will you have stronger legs, but you’ll also have a better but.

5. Solid Core Strength

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Few people realize the amount of core work that leg exercises require. When performing a squat, you’re not just using your quads and hamstrings. Your core and abdominal muscles are also doing hard work to keep your spine aligned and your upper body straight. Try squeezing not just your leg muscles with every exercise, but also your abs. Within a few weeks you should notice an improvement in your figure.

6. Fewer Injuries

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A lot of the time, people get injuries like sprained ankles and knees from poor leg strength. Having strong legs helps prevent these injuries. Your quads, for instance, support many of the joints and ligaments in your knee, and you might notice after a knee injury that exercises like leg extensions help manage your pain and mobility. If you want to reduce the odds of having a lower body injury, stronger legs are a must.

7. Improved Stamina

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Even when you’re not exercising, errands, social gatherings, and other household chores can certainly take a toll on your energy levels. If you want better stamina and endurance, strong legs will certainly help you get there. Add a couple leg workouts each week to notice an improvement.

Strong shapely legs don’t just look sexy. They’re good for your health as well! What are some of your favorite leg exercises?

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