7 Awesome Basketball Drills to Help You Get in Shape ...


7 Awesome Basketball Drills to Help You Get in Shape ...
7 Awesome Basketball Drills to Help You Get in Shape ...

Just because you are not a player does not mean you can't relish in the conditioning workouts that basketballers do! Because basketball players get in really great shape through conditioning agility exercises like the ladder, jumping rope, suicides and so much more; it would be a shame to miss out on these better body benefits. So better get ready for some high octane court action.

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Sculpt with Suicides

Whether you play ball or just want to be in shape like you do, you can achieve incredible results by simply doing basketball drills. One of the most popular drills is suicides. Don’t be scared by the name! Suicide drills can give you a surge in results because this is a high intensity workout to give you better speed and agility.


Ladder Drills

One of the best basketball drills involves the agility ladder. Agility ladder drills are a great way to switch up your traditional workouts and add some pep to your step. This can add speed and help you pick up the pace of your workouts. So follow these ladder drills and customize the workout that fits for you!


Jumping Rope

Skip yourself into your best shape with a jump rope! Did you know jumping rope is the highest per minute calorie burning exercise? Yes this is true, jumping rope is not only challenging but super effective in helping you get in your best shape. Why else would basketball players and athletes alike all jump rope!


Grab a Partner

Grab a friend and do some fun partner drills like passing a basketball while moving laterally or even sit ups with basketball tosses. Switch up your current routine and move your body speedily like a baller. By switching it up you will not only diversify your current routine but also get in shape without feeling like you are working out! So be social while getting your workout in!


Wall Sits

Amidst basketball practice, players must have a nice comfortable seat (okay sometimes maybe not so comfortable) to do a wall sit. But you do not just have to be a basketball player to do this amazing lower body exercise. A wall sit is basically a squat hold but you sit there longer because you have the support of the wall to lean against. Just make sure you sit down with your legs to a 90 degree angle to make the most of this great exercise!



You do not have to have basketball blood in you to move like a player. With effective drills you can get in shape in a non-traditional way like doing simple crossovers and other agility moves. Check out this video and move along so that you can get in shape without spending endless hours running on a treadmill at the gym! Hello fun!!



You ever notice how high skilled basketball players jump with such great power and height? This is due to practice of course and also conditioning exercises such as plyometrics. Plyometrics can help you to strengthen your legs and core while elevating your metabolic rate throughout the day. So add some plyos into your fitness routine to make the most out of your workouts!

With all these basketball player conditioning drills, are you ready to get in shape like a baller without ever lifting a basketball? Or better yet get in shape and hit the courts to put your new skills to the test!

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