7 Basic Moves Every Fitness Beginner Should Learn for Starting Their Journey ...


7 Basic Moves Every Fitness Beginner Should Learn for Starting Their Journey ...
7 Basic Moves Every Fitness Beginner Should Learn for Starting Their Journey ...

There are some fitness moves that you can learn at the beginning of your working out that will continue throughout your keep fit journey. As you progress, you’ll add in variations, add weights and make them harder but the basics will always be with you and hold you in good stead as the basis of your workouts. Here are those 7 basic moves:

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The Squat

The squat is one the first basic exercises that you should aim to perfect. As part of a longer, regular routine, the squat can help to strengthen and tone many areas of your lower body including your quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes, which will lead to a stronger core overall and provide a healthy basis for more exercise. It is important to know the correct way to squat, as doing it wrong can cause both back and knee pain.


The Lunge

The lunge might not be particularly enjoyable to do, but it is so effective when incorporated into your exercise regime. The lunge helps to tone your lower body in the same ways that the squat does, and the physical movement of the process causes your balance to improve over time as well. Always remember the keep your upper knee parallel to your ankle!


The Plank

The plank is a basic exercise to undertake in terms of learning how to do it, but trust me, it will get you sweating like you never have before! Planking gives an outstanding whole body workout and helps to make your core as strong as it can be. However, planking can be dangerous to your lower back if you do not perform it properly, so make sure not to let your pelvis dip too much.


The Sit-up

A classic exercise move from your days in the school gym, the sit-up is very effective in working on the hip flexor and the abs. An important tip that many people always overlook when doing sit-ups is to avoid lacing your fingers together when you put your hands behind your head, as this can potentially put too much strain on your neck and spine and cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.


The Push-up

Another classic exercise move, the push-up gets your adrenaline going and your heart pumping like no other! It also, obviously, helps to tone and strengthen your arms, but also your back and chest too, providing for a really effective choice of exercise for the upper body. Perfecting the push-up is all about aligning your body in the correct way before you start, as getting this wrong can put extra and unnecessary strain on particular parts of your body.


The Tricep Dip

The tricep dip is regarded as the exercise move of choice for anybody who is looking for a relatively simple way to tone their upper arms and shoulders. Though to look at the move seems quite easy to perform, it is sneakily difficult to do in the correct way, as many people can get it wrong and end up rolling their shoulders forward. You should be focusing on the bending of the elbows and the strength of your arms rather than the shoulder area.


The Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is another basic but totally effective method when it comes to strength and endurance training. Start this procedure using weights that are light enough for you to be able to keep up the proper and correct form from to finish, and as your strength increases, you can begin to increase the weights and in turn increase your own strength and endurance along the way.

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Good reminders as I know you can easily do these moves wrong

I just got tired looking through this. I've never done the whole gym thing in my life.. looks like hard work. I'm lazy thanks. I'm petite tho so ... walks will be just fine

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