7 Exercises for Women Who Want a Sexier Side Profile ...

By Holly

7 Exercises for Women Who Want a Sexier Side Profile ...

Side butt is the new side boob. That's why you should try these Cosmopolitan approved exercises in order to give you the best side butt and legs ever. Slip into your workout clothes, because here are the exercises you need to start doing:

1 Curtsy Lunges

2 Prisoner Squats

3 Sumo Squat Jumps

4 Side Step-up and Kick

5 Tube Walk

6 Kneeling Hydrants

7 Lunge with Knee Raise

What are you waiting for? Get up and start moving that booty! What other exercises have given you a sexier side profile?

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I am too lazy to do this I just can't.

The exercises are very helpful. Combine this with proper diet and the results would be great!

they're really helpful

I loved the title pic...very sexy

Russian twists and side leg lifts

Definitely!! power moves 💪

I can do this.........

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