7 Exercises for Women Who Want a Sexier Side Profile ...


7 Exercises for Women Who Want a Sexier Side Profile ...
7 Exercises for Women Who Want a Sexier Side Profile ...

Side butt is the new side boob. That's why you should try these Cosmopolitan approved exercises in order to give you the best side butt and legs ever. Slip into your workout clothes, because here are the exercises you need to start doing:

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Curtsy Lunges


The Curtsy Lunge isn't just a nod to royal protocol. By stepping back diagonally, you're targeting the glute medius—a key muscle that helps shape your hips and contributes to your overall silhouette. Perfecting your posture while performing this elegant strength move can make all the difference in the tonality of your lower body. With each dip, imagine sculpting the curves that give you confidence in your favorite dress or jeans. Remember, it's not about speed; it's about controlled movements that allow you to focus on the muscle engagement, ensuring you get the most out of this effective exercise.


Prisoner Squats


Prisoner squats are a fantastic way to tone your glutes and thighs, giving your side profile that sought-after curve and strength. With hands behind your head and elbows wide, you maintain a tall posture that not only engages your lower body but also your core and upper back. Make sure you're sinking low into the squat to really fire up those muscles. Stay consistent with this exercise, and you'll notice your silhouette becoming sleeker and your posture dramatically improving—both essential for that confident, sexy side view you're aiming for.


Sumo Squat Jumps


Sumo squat jumps are a dynamic power move that will not only work your glutes and inner thighs, but also give your cardiovascular system a challenging boost. To perform this exercise, stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes pointing outwards. Ease yourself into a deep squat, keeping your back straight and chest up. Then, explode upwards into a jump, and land softly back into the sumo squat position. Aim for 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Be sure not only to feel the burn but also enjoy the sense of strength you're building with every leap.


Side Step-up and Kick


To perform this dynamic move, stand beside a step or sturdy platform. Lift your foot to step up and as you straighten your leg, bring the opposite leg up and out to the side, engaging your core and glutes for that satisfying kick. This not only sculpts your side muscles, but it also targets your hips and thighs for an all-encompassing lower-body workout. Make sure to keep your movements controlled and concentrate on using your side muscles to execute the kick. Alternate sides to ensure balanced toning and to keep that heart rate up, blending cardiovascular fitness with strength training.


Tube Walk


Walking is a fantastic way to slim and tone your sides, especially when you add an incline to the mix. The Tube Walk, specifically, targets the obliques by adding a resistance band to a traditional walk. Place a circular resistance band around your ankles, and maintain a slight squat position as you step sideways. The tension from the band will force your side muscles to work harder, efficiently toning your profile while you get your steps in. Just 10 minutes of this walk can help sculpt your sides and improve overall strength. Plus, it's an easy addition to any outdoor routine!


Kneeling Hydrants


Lunge with Knee Raise

What are you waiting for? Get up and start moving that booty! What other exercises have given you a sexier side profile?

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Definitely!! power moves 💪

The exercises are very helpful. Combine this with proper diet and the results would be great!

I loved the title pic...very sexy

they're really helpful

I am too lazy to do this I just can't.

I can do this.........

Russian twists and side leg lifts

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