How to Burn off All of Your Favorite Foods ...


How to Burn off All of Your Favorite Foods ...
How to Burn off All of Your Favorite Foods ...

Let’s face it as hard as you try you cannot outrun a bad diet. Weight loss is a rather simple equation because if you are eating more than you are burning, you may notice your weight loss I stalled or you may even gain weight. So to shed some light on the national average weight loss food, let me share with you how many steps it takes to burn off some of the most commonly consumed foods. These are estimates in steps you have to take because this number will vary based on your weight. However the next time you choose your food, you can choose wisely knowing what it will take. You make the choice if you really want to run 11 miles just to warrant a Chipotle chicken burrito. Life is all about making choices, so who do you want to be? So the next time you want to make one of these convenient choices, check out how much you have to walk.

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Snickers Bar

If you love your occasional Snickers bar, you are not alone since this is the most popular chocolate bar. However, you may want to think twice before unwrapping and enjoying this treat. One Snickers bar will take 4840 steps or 2.42 miles to burn off. This is equivalent to 215 calories ingested, so be prepared to work out or skip the Snickers bar and enjoy a piece of fruit to save the calories while saving your waistline.


Grande Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

We all like the occasional treat especially when we can enjoy this in liquid form. But make your liquid choices wisely. Your stop at Starbucks for a Frappuccino will cost you 410 calories and take 4.61 miles to burn off. That is 9220 steps that you have walk to warrant this high calorie drink.


Shake Shack Chocolate Shake

Looking for something frosty to cool you down. If you are a regular at Shake shack and loving your regular chocolate shake. Think twice because this drink is 740 calories and this will take 8.31 miles which is 16, 620 steps to walk. So do you really want that shake? You weigh the options.


Five Guys Cheeseburger

Everyone like the occasion cheeseburger but if this is becoming a staple in your diet, you may want to think twice. This decision can combat your weight loss. A Five Guys Cheeseburger is 840 calories, 9.44 miles which will take 18, 880 steps to walk. Yikes!


Chipotle Chicken Burrito with No Guacamole

If you are a weekly regular at Chipotle you may want to think twice. For a whopping 1050 calories it will take you 11.8 miles or 23,600 steps to walk. So you make the choice, how badly do you want the burrito?


Outback Bloomin Onion

If you love the weekly deals at your local Outback, you may want to reconsider your favorite appetizer, the bloomin onion. This super high calorie appetizer will take you exactly 21.96 miles to burn off. And this is exactly 1954 calories to burn and 43, 920 steps. So do you really need that Bloomin Onion?


Naked Juice Blue Machine

We all love to eat and drink healthy when we know just how we are bettering our body. But if you are purchasing a shake from the store such as the Naked Juice, you may want to start creating this yourself. This juice will take 1.91 miles, 170 calories and 3820 steps. So prepare your own healthy drink, save your calories and slim down in the process.

So now that you know the calories of your favorite foods, think twice before you indulge. Choose wisely so your choices reflect your aspirations!

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I completely agree with the last comment. Once in a while it's ok to have something you enjoy. If you exercise and try to make healthy choices that doesn't mean you should punish yourself from things you enjoy eating. People who go on a strict diet limiting their food often find themselves breaking their diet.

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