7 Stretches You Should Start Every Day with to Be in Tip-Top Health ...


7 Stretches You Should Start Every Day with to Be in Tip-Top Health ...
7 Stretches You Should Start Every Day with to Be in Tip-Top Health ...

If you wake up feeling stiff, achy and your senses are not awakened you may just want to begin with some super stretches. Stretching will help to increase your blood circulation, relax your muscles and get ready to embark on a super day. As a result of stretching you will think clearer and feel more limber. So before you stay in bed and hot the snooze button, get up and spend a few minutes with these super stretches to help you get going!

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The cobra stretch is one of the most common stretches for your lower back and abdominal area. To perform this stretch lay on your stomach, then straighten your arms and arch your back in a U. Take a deep breath and relax your body so you have a super productive day!


Yawn and Reach

Let out a nice relaxing yawn and reach up to the ceiling. Stretch high and yawn so you can send oxygen to the brain. This is a super stretch to just tell your body you are awake and ready to get moving into your best shape!


Touch Your Toes

Reach down to the ground and touch your toes to stretch out your hamstrings and lower back. Take a deep breath and relax. If you want to feel your body less tight and at ease, get into this stretch and loosen up.


Hug Your Leg Hamstring

Lay on your back, bring your leg towards your chest and hug your leg because it enables you to do all that you do and also to stretch out your hamstring. Hold for 20 seconds and then alternate to the other side. For most of us that have tight hamstrings, this stretch will help you to prevent an injury down the road.


Belly Quad Stretch

Lay on your stomach, pull your leg behind and stretch out your quadriceps. Hold for 20 seconds to feel this stretch in the long muscle in the front of your leg. This will activate the quad muscle so you can protect from an injury and just feel better. Start your day with this super effective stretch!



Sit upright Indian style and stretch your legs down to the floor to perform a butterfly stretch. This stretch will help to loosen your inner thighs. Flutter like a butterfly then hold down for 20 seconds. Repeat for three times to start your day!


Runners Stretch

Get in a runners stance, lean down and stretch the muscles in your legs. Since you will be using those leg muscles throughout the day, it is a good idea to give a stretch. The best way to describe a runner’s stretch is the position you get into as you prepare for the start of a race. Hold for 15-20 seconds and then perform on the other side.

Now with all these super stretches, are you ready to start the day on the right foot? Then follow these stretches, have a glass of water and get ready for a super awakened and relaxed day!

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