How to Put Your Body in Balance and Avoid Injuries ...


How to Put Your Body in Balance and Avoid Injuries ...
How to Put Your Body in Balance and Avoid Injuries ...

Feeling weaker in some areas and feeling like you are a step away from an injury? If you notice you have weaker points, before watching and waiting; do something about it. With key strength exercises, core training and steps to better your health, you can side step injury and focus on your health. You only have one life so focus on total body and live your life happily injury free. Take steps in the direction to better your body, stay balanced and stay far away from injury!

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Focus on the Core

Core strengthening exercises will help you to avoid injury, feel stronger and even better your athletic performances. So make sure you include key exercises like the plank, reverse plank, bicycles abdominal exercises and even reverse crunches. As a runner for over twenty years injury free, take a page from my book and focus on your core!


Remember Total Body

Total body exercises like burpees can have you stronger and help you to put your body in balance. These total body exercises are compound exercises, meaning you will work multiple muscle groups at once. So focus on your total body and get stronger each day!


Be Aware of Lower Strength Issues

If you have a weak left hamstrings, perform exercises to strengthen your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Do not accept weak muscles as part of your life and do something about it. Part of injury prevention is awareness and execution to better your muscles with strength exercises.


Stretch Well

Stretch your body out from your head to toe both before and after your workout. This is integral in injury prevention. I usually have a more extended cool down which even helps me to feel less sore. So stretch your body out and you will feel limber and perform more effectively as a result!


Give Yourself One Rest Day a Week

One rest day a week will help you to recover, give your body a break and even help you to mentally rejuvenate. We all need a day off once in a while so schedule this rest day once a week. This will also help you to avoid becoming sidelined due to an injury!


Eat for Your Health

We all like the occasional indulgence and believe me this will not break you. But on a regular basis you should refocus your approach and begin to eat for your health. If you eat four your health you will begin to choose food that will nourish your body and your life.


Sleep Well

Get to bed sleepy head and catch plenty of Zzzzzzs. Tis sleep is critical for muscle regrowth, recovery and to help give you that string in your step for tomorrow. So do not skimp on sleep. 7-9 hours is critical for your overall health and wellbeing.

So make sure you live a balanced life that includes stretching, regular exercise, strength exercises, a focus on your core, healthy eating and ample sleep so that you can prevent injury and feel you are an ace in your game! Are you ready to live your life to the fullest? Then get balanced by following these tips!

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