The Benefits 👍 of Working out 💪 to Music 🎶 for Girls Getting Their Jam 🎧 on ...

Many gym bunnies enjoy listening to music while they work out and the benefits of working out to music will make you feel even better after a session at the gym. Is it merely a case of distracting you and making a tough workout more palatable? Music has long been recognised as a beneficial accompaniment to exercise, and many studies have examined the effect it has on performance and efficiency. Whether you're new to exercise, or want to up your game, here's what turning up the volume can do for you in terms of the benefits of working out to music.

1. It Gets Your Emotions Going

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One of the best benefits of working out to music is that you feel good. You might think that you need to be focused rather than emotional during a workout. The key is to get the right emotions going. Think of how we all like to listen to calm music when we want to relax. Naturally, the opposite holds true when you want to exercise. Music with a fast tempo will psych you up and encourage you to move faster. If you're thinking of signing up at a gym, check out the kind of music they play. If you hate the music, even if the tempo is right, you'll find it more of a challenge to commit to your exercise routine.

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