6 Ways to Start Running for Girls Who Want to Get off the Couch ...


6 Ways to Start Running for Girls Who Want to Get off the Couch ...
6 Ways to Start Running for Girls Who Want to Get off the Couch ...

You might think you don't need ways to start running. physically, no, you just lace up your sneakers and hit the road. However there's first the battle with motivation.

Everyone always loves a good fresh start, and that seems to be something that always helps jump start new goals. Maybe I'm just a crazy goal setter, but I like to start off each month with some goals in mind to try and tackle for the upcoming month ahead. It's never too late to set new goals and start all over again! That’s the beauty of new beginnings. Maybe you're interested in starting to take up running as a goal! If so, these ways to start running will get you laced up and running out the door in no time.

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Sign up for a Race! (at Least 6-8 Weeks in Advance!)

girl, joint, sky, muscle, arm, Get yourself a shiny new race to sign up for in the coming weeks. This is one of the best ways to start running! There’s usually at least one going on wherever you are every single weekend, so you're guaranteed to find one to get signed up and trained for. I know it seems a bit serious to sign up well before you're even considering yourself a "runner" but trust me it does the trick to get you up and out the door! Plus--no pressure in any way to run the entire race! Just being in the environment of other runners makes such a huge difference in creating a new love and enjoyment for your new hobby! Races are my absolute favorite thing ever and motivate me more than anything. Not to win, just to have fun and soak up the race day vibes!


Make Sure to Have Plenty of Time in Advance

running, jogging, physical exercise, girl, ultramarathon, Don't do anything crazy and sign up for a marathon tomorrow or anything nutty like that, okay? Start off with your first ever 5K! 5Ks are such fun and usually have great themes with fantastic local fun along the way. Plus, that distance is the perfect way to start off your weekend! Signing up for a race somewhat concretes your commitment to your goal ahead of time and gives you the extra needed motivation on those days where you'd rather skip.


If You’d Rather Start with Something Less Serious…

photograph, vertebrate, tree, friendship, walking, Start with a FUN RUN! They really are more fun than running usually is and that's an awesome way to start your love for running! You want to truly enjoy this new hobby and find ways to make it as fun as possible! I've done a color run before and it was an absolute blast! We got messy, colorful and sweaty, which was of course a good time!


Get a Friend to Commit with You--or Join a Running Group!

fun, physical exercise, shoulder, joint, vacation, Everything's easier with a partner, right? They go through those tough runs right alongside you or drag you out of bed bright and early when your comfy bed is calling your name. They celebrate with a cold drink after a hard run and sit on the ground for 30 minutes afterwards trying to come up with ideas of how to teleport your car to you instead of having to walk back to it another 50 feet after that long run. They talk you into crazy things like signing up for a 5K and a 10K all in one weekend or do that foam race coming up next weekend where you are surrounded by bubbles and crazy running fanatics! Trust me, running is way better with friends. If you can pull another friend into this crazy hobby--grab them and keep them forever! The accountability of having a running friend or group that you tag along with makes a world of difference in the long run. Because without a doubt, there WILL be days where you are just 100% convinced running isn't going to happen, but said friend convinces you otherwise making you 100% happier afterwards that you didn't back out on them.


Start with Intervals and Increase Your Distance

sky, photograph, pink, mountainous landforms, morning, Find a training plan that you can start off slowly with. You absolutely can't just jump straight into running a whole mile when you've not been truly trained for it. So, start with intervals! No shame in walking intervals AT ALL! I am a major fan of walking intervals as they help save your legs and help you build your endurance at the same time. Following a plan like this one will help you make progress in your own time. Feel free to adjust however your body needs you to. I also like to do things like mailbox intervals where if you run in the neighborhood, run one mailbox length and then walk the next, then repeat for x amount of time. You get the idea!


Start with Just a Few Days a Week!

running, sports, physical exercise, recreation, joint, Set your goal of just running 3 days a week to start off with! Maybe even 2 if you need to! Trust me, starting a little is better than not starting at all! Plus, you'll start seeing progress in no time!
You've got this! Make it fun, and enjoy it! I promise you'll be flying through the miles in no time and won't ever look back! Running is truly a great workout but for more than just physical reasons! You'll get to learn more about yourself and your inner strength than you've ever known before, and I can't wait for you to fall in love with it!

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