How to Redefine Your Desk Job to Keep Active ...

By Tara

Sitting for eight hours or more at the office can cause stress on your body and contribute to heart disease, obesity and a host of other illnesses. In fact sitting all day is said to be just as bad as regularly smoking. So choose to get up and make a change to redefine your desk job with activity. If you begin to take the stairs, use the office gym, park farther away and take mini walk breaks you will see and feel the difference. You only have one life so do not waste eight hours a day sitting at a desk!

1 Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs Stop waiting in line for the elevator. You are surely wasting time and can be making this a fitness experience. Take the stairs when you work on the second or twenty-second floor. This is one step closer to your pursuit of better health so stop chasing your dreams and make them into a reality!

2 Park Far Away

Park Far Away Park far away when you get to work and speed walk to the office. This extra exercise will help to awaken your senses and better your health. You have the best spot in the lot when you are plenty far away because you are using this moment for your fitness and health!

3 Exercise at Lunch Break

Stop eating your lunch in the cafeteria wasting an hour daily. Make plans to exercise with a coworker to get a little business on while you get your workout in. This afternoon fitness session will recharge your mind and help you to perform more effectively. You will even think clearer as a result of your exercise, so get up and get going!

4 Walk over to Relay a Message

Walk over to Relay a Message Emails are so over rated. Take the time to visit your colleague 3 floors upstairs. You can get more done when talking face to face, build a better relationship and get a short fitness session in. Now that is the way to make the most of every possible fitness moment!

5 Sit on an Exercise Ball

Sit on an Exercise Ball To better your balance, wake up your senses and better your posture sit on an exercise ball. Chances are you are going to have trouble doing this for 8 hours a day at the office so make a goal of sitting on an exercise ball for an hour daily. You will be glad that you did!

6 Get Water from the Upstairs Cooler

Get Water from the Upstairs Cooler Head upstairs to the next floor to get water from the cooler. Stop being sedentary all day long and head upstairs to raise your heart rate, get your blood flowing and awaken your body. You will wake up, become more productive and feel better!

7 Start a Fitness Competition at Work

Start a Fitness Competition at Work Create a fitness competition at work to increase motivation among your co-workers and give yourself that extra push. Paying it forward to help others will help you in the process. So get inspired and inspire others in the process of doing so to get fit, better your health and live the best life!

So get active at the office by getting up from your desk and get moving to become more productive and just feel better!

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