Simple Exercises to do Even when You Hurt ...


Simple Exercises to do Even when You Hurt ...
Simple Exercises to do Even when You Hurt ...

When an injury strikes or you are feeling sore from your prior workout you will need to take it down a notch and lessen your intensity. The good news is that you will not have to give up your workout, but instead try a workout simpler. These exercises you can do even if you are hurting as it will help to stretch your body out. So perform these simple and effective exercises that you can do even when you are hurting!

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Walk It out

human action, leg, muscle, thigh, photo shoot, Walk it out at your own level to stretch out your lower back, increase blood circulation throughout the body and get a great low intensity cardio workout. By walking it out you will be able to perform this simple exercise even if you are hurting. And if at any time you feel this is too much, listen to your body and stop.


Get Your Yoga on

human action, human positions, sports, physical fitness, sitting, Yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and even become more limber. Begin with basic yoga exercises so you do not overdo it and as you become stronger, feel free to bump it up. Then you can graduate to more intense exercises!


Stretch It out

human action, sports, physical fitness, yoga, arm, Stretch out your body to lubricate your joints and prepare for a light walk. Drink plenty of water and relax as you work to begin the healing process and stop your body from hurting!


Strengthen Your Body

human action, person, structure, strength training, room, Grab a set of light weights and lift to increase muscle tone, boost your metabolism and get stronger. As you get stronger you will be able to life heavier and for longer. But start out easy nd work your way to something more!


Work Your Core

human action, hair, clothing, person, muscle, Core training will help to balance your body and decrease your risk of an injury. So focus on your midsection and become strong to the core. Exercises like the plank and reverse plank can do wonders in helping you become a fit, fab healing machine!


Pilates Can Help

human action, structure, physical fitness, sports, sport venue, Pilates mat is a great way to resume exercise in a lighter fashion without the pounding on your body from aerobics. So start out nice and easy and as you heal, you may be able to eventually turn to intense cardio you miss like running. So use Pilates to rehab and help you get back to the n training machine you once were!


Go for a Spin

human action, human positions, arm, muscle, hairstyle, If you have an upper body injury you can focus on your lower half and go for a spin. There are many intense spinning classes to help you to feel the burn. Or head outside to the great outdoors and peddle the calories away. Great news is working these larger muscle groups will help you to become a fat burning machine! Peddle on, my friend, to great results!



hair, clothing, sun tanning, swimwear, girl, Swimming is great exercise because it's low impact yet effective (I mean look at all those Olympic swimming hotties!). So next time you hurt try taking a dip for this gravity defying exercise.


Tai Chi

clothing, thigh, leg, muscle, abdomen, There is no one too old they can't tai chi. Which obviously means it's a great exercise for aching bodies. Studies have shown it's great for pain, stiffness, and fatigue in fibromyalgia patients and is also known to help build strength, endurance, and balance. Can't argue with all those pros! :)



hair, clothing, black hair, human positions, undergarment, Sex is a completely underrated form of exercise. Boosting your heart rate as well as releasing endorphins which means you won't feel pain. So, grab your sexy time partner and hit the sack for some exercise when your everything aches.

So get up off your couch and rehab easily as you get back to the game of fitness. Of course listen to your doctor and your body. And remember every step that you take will be a step closer to getting you back to the incredible game of chiseling your body into fitness and health perfection! At least perfection for you!

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