Lazy Ladies Try to Finish These Fitness Challenges ...

By Holly

Lazy Ladies Try to Finish These Fitness Challenges ...

Most of us would rather lounge around with Netflix than take a stroll around the block. Of course, our laziness isn't doing us any favors. If we don't exercise, even a little bit, then we're going to end up destroying our bodies. That's why you should see how many of these fitness challenges you can complete today:

1 Find a Far Away Spot in the Parking Lot

The next time you drive to work or to the store, don't find the closest possible parking spot that you can. Instead, purposely park your car far away from the building. That way, you'll force yourself to walk for a while on the way in and on the way out. It'll only give you a little more exercise than usual, but if you're lazy, it's a great way to start changing your routine.

2 Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

If you have the option between taking the stairs or hopping in an elevator, make yourself work a little bit. A few flights of stairs doesn't seem like much, but it can be difficult for those of us who aren't very active. Of course, if you can't handle stairs, how are you going to handle tough workout sessions? You need to start small, so take those stairs!

3 Do All of Your Work While Standing

You don't want to ruin your muscles by sitting around all day long. Even if you have to do a lot of writing or typing, you can get your work done while standing. Just buy yourself a desk that sits up high, so that you can stand up while doing what you need to do. It'll keep your body healthy.

4 Ride Your Bike to Stores Instead of Driving

If you only have to travel a short distance, then you shouldn't hop in your car. Hop on your bike, instead. It'll give you a tiny little workout that'll help you get used to using your leg muscles.

5 Walk Your Dog Every Day of This Week

If you have a puppy, you should already be walking him all the time. It's not only healthy for him, but is healthy for you, too! Besides, your doggie deserves a special treat. Show him what a great owner you are by making his day!

6 Get off the Bus a Few Stops Early

If you usually take the bus around town, you don't have to switch to walking. After all, you'll drench your clothes with sweat if you force yourself to travel too far of a distance. That's why you should get off of it a few stops early instead. That way, you'll have to walk farther than you normally would, but you won't kill yourself.

7 Exercise Whenever You Watch TV

Whenever you put on the television, watch Netflix, or click on a YouTube video, you should use it as an opportunity to work out. It doesn't matter if the video is only three minutes long. It's better to do some jumping jacks and sit-ups for three minutes than to do nothing at all. It's a small way to get used to getting active.

Now, all of you lazy ladies will be able to fit exercises into your daily routines. Do you plan on completing any of these tiny challenges today?

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