10 Minute ⏲ Ab Routines πŸ”„ You Can do outside 🌳 ...

Most of the girls I’ve talked to who have something on their body to complain about say it’s their stomach area. Women tend to hold onto fat in their middle before other areas of the body so you might be wishing for a slimmer middle right this very minute. Now that it’s summertime, move your workout outside. Try one of these ab routines and soak up the summer sun (with sunscreen, of course), while carving out the abs you’ve always dreamed of having.

1. Look like a Fitness Model

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People who show you how to do workout routines always look really good – because they do this for a living. If you want a body like that, this video from MissGymdotcom is a great choice. She suggests jogging to the park, then following the routine to tone and chisel your abs. The great news is that the routine also works your butt! And you get to do it outside in the fresh air.

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