10 Minute Ab Routines You Can do outside ...


10 Minute  Ab Routines You Can do outside ...
10 Minute  Ab Routines You Can do outside ...

Most of the girls I’ve talked to who have something on their body to complain about say it’s their stomach area. Women tend to hold onto fat in their middle before other areas of the body so you might be wishing for a slimmer middle right this very minute. Now that it’s summertime, move your workout outside. Try one of these ab routines and soak up the summer sun (with sunscreen, of course), while carving out the abs you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Look like a Fitness Model

People who show you how to do workout routines always look really good – because they do this for a living. If you want a body like that, this video from MissGymdotcom is a great choice. She suggests jogging to the park, then following the routine to tone and chisel your abs. The great news is that the routine also works your butt! And you get to do it outside in the fresh air.


Burn Ab Fat on the Stairs

This video comes from Athlean-XX for Women and is a channel you can count on for doable workouts geared toward females and their special fitness needs. The great thing about this routine is that you will burn fat, which uncovers your ab muscles and allows your future six pack to shine through. All you need is a set of stairs to do the routine and you also work your legs and butt at the same time.


Perfect Outdoor Ab Workout

Kayla Itsines has tons of exercise videos on YouTube and is in fabulous shape. This tutorial shows you a round of perfect moves for toning your abdomen and getting the middle you want. The video is a summer series and targets your abs and lets you fit in some exercise outside where you can get some sun and fresh air.


Outdoor Interval Drills

This video from YourTimeTraining isn’t long, but it’s packed with ideas for adding interval training to your outdoor workout. This does double duty by helping you burn flab off your stomach, while also working and toning the muscles there at the same time. The routine is intense and it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it’s so worth it.


Get Totally Sexy Abs

Fitness and lifestyle expert, Lisa Tanker will take you through a quick and effective ab routine that you can do by the pool, in the park or out in your own backyard. Each of the moves is designed to target the various muscles all over your abs so that you can create that sexy six pack you’ve been coveting for so long. Get that bikini ready, because in just a couple of weeks, you are going to need it.


Four Minute Total Core Workout

Surely you can find four minutes to do this routine a few times each week. As you follow the experts from Rundle Fit, you learn how to do moves that will tone and tighten your stomach without having to commit to a ton of time to get it done. You can follow along and do the moves with the tutorial or you can consult the list at the end and build your own routine.


Intense Boot Camp for the Abs

Bring your mat anywhere outside and you can do this routine that will have your abs reshaped and totally made over in no time at all. GDM Fitness is behind the innovative boot camp style of ab workouts that is great for someone who wants an intense workout that will give you results in a just a week or so.


Abs and Obliques Exercises

Ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to squeeze in some great exercises for both the abs and obliques! Here you will see a demonstration which is super easy and simple to follow as repeat the steps outside in your spare time.


Fat Burning Abs Workout

This ten minute workout will show you exactly how to work the core and obliques so you burn fat on the abdominals, via these inspiring exercises. Click the video to find out more and join in as you watch a professional get to it!


Intense Abs Workout Routine

This intense abs workout routine will guarantee you a great summer body, so what better time than now to get your body into shape?! Here you will also see how you can get a flat stomach in a short amount of time.

Which one are you loving? Have you seen some results yet?

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