This is What Fit Bodies Look like ...


This is What Fit Bodies Look like ...
This is What Fit Bodies Look like ...

Sure, we've all seen the svelte, muscular, barely-any-body-fat photos of our favorite fitness icons, but did you know that those types of bodies aren't the only fit ones? Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and to show you what I mean, here are some examples of what fit bodies can look like, and - gasp! - not all of them are what you'd expect.

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Chantae McMillan

Chantae McMillan Now this is the type of body most of us think of when we hear the word "fit." But let's see some other examples, shall we?


Amanda Bingson

Amanda Bingson Also on one of the ESPN Bodies covers for 2015 is this mega-fit Olympian. Amanda's not teensy-tiny, but she's fit and fabulous and formidable.


Venus Williams

Venus Williams Curvy, muscular, and oh-so-fit, Venus has a rockin' body that any woman would envy, in a bodycon dress or on the court.


Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley This yoga instructor proves that fit bodies aren't necessarily thin ones; they come in all shapes, sizes... and poses. She nailed it!


Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland Again, this is what we assume a fit body would look like, but the brilliant Misty Copeland's body isn't typical of a ballerina, and that's just fine. Blaze those trails, Misty!


Instagram User SomewhereUnderWater

Instagram User SomewhereUnderWater I've got a total woman crush on this Instagram user, who posted this collage of photos, all of her marvelously fit body, to demonstrate that everyone, and she means EVERYONE, has that wee little roll when they sit down and bend toward their knees.


Kimberly Henderson

Kimberly Henderson Hailed for her perfect post-4-kids body, Kimberly recently shared this photo, which shows her tiger-striped tummy in all its unretouched glory. She's still perfectly fit - but guess what? This is what her body looks like, underneath those gym clothes.

Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so I've given up judging books by their covers and have embraced my runner's body, with thick, muscular thighs and no discernible thigh gap. What's your fit body surprise?

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Somebody's got issues. Great post!

i dont see any fit except for tye first one

well athletes and a mom. Who by the way the "fat" is loose skin..

Well said Jennifer, completely agree. We are all different we all build muscle and loose weight differently, everyone's proportions are different, even women who are the same height and weight look different. No one has the right to say how someone else should look and especially how society thinks women/people should look. We are all ourselves and it would be a strange world if we all looked the same!! These women all look good no matter what society deems to look fit and healthy

I meant to say I have a lot of respect for Kimberly Henderson . Job well done lady

And no, "skinny" does not always mean fit. But fat, definitely does NOT mean fit.


@shenanigan are you stupid? The Rock and vin diesel have worked their fucking asses off in the gym to be the way they are. The reason there BMI is classed as overweight is because of their MUSCLE MASS - not fat mass, like "curvy" people you mention. Fat is NOT curvy. Only a few of these are fit bodies... They maybe be feeling healthy or whatever but, I doubt they could run very far as the excess fat is still unhealthy. People are too dumb to even realise this, even in this day and age...

They are not fit at all, I would say only number 1&5 seems fit to me, I'm not trying to be rude but usually when people think of fit, they imagine bodies which are fit, sporty and muscular not with fat.

It's inspirational

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