Why Should You Take One Day off from Workouts per Week?


Why Should You Take One Day off from Workouts per Week?
Why Should You Take One Day off from Workouts per Week?

Counting calories, fat grams, workouts executed and muscle groups targeted are all integral portions of training. But what about rest days? Rest days are often an overlooked portion of training when they should be focused on wholly. This is a day to help you for healing, injury prevention and resetting the body and mind. So before you push your body to the brink of exhaustion, make sure you take your rest day! And check out just why you should take one day off from your workouts per week!

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Mental Break

After a busy workout week you will likely need a break not only for the body to rest but for the mind to recover. I promise you will reset your goals and get even more motivated by giving yourself this needed rest. So give that mind a break, beautiful by taking one day off per week from your workout routine!


Recovery for Body

As you exercise you will tear your muscles and in the aftermath it will heal. One day from fitness will give your bod just the time it needs to recover. So listen to your body, it will thank you with great results!


Reset Your Goals

Reset your goals on your day off and rethink what your new routine will be. If you have been following the same fitness routine for the past 6 weeks feel free to switch it up. This will likely help you to break through a plateau and achieve your goals!


Better Your Performance

If you over train you will start to affect your performance negatively. So make sure you take off one day a week to reset and give your body a chance to heal so you can perform your best. A day of rest will better both body and mind!


Suppresses Your Immune System

If you over train and skip rest days you will suppress your immunity and wind up getting sick. This is one of the reasons it is ultra-important to take one day of rest from your exercise program per week!


Overtraining Affects Sleep

Over training can affect your sleep pattern adversely and have you tossing and turning. This is because exercise awakens your senses. But too much working out can have you in a high alert state making it difficult to get to sleep.


Rest Prevents Injury

Rest is an integral part of your fitness program because it helps to prevent injury. If you overuse your muscles you are more likely to get injured so make sure you schedule a rest day. No ifs, ands or buts; make a rest day part of your workout week!

So before you push yourself yet another day make sure you take that day of needed rest from your workout. I promise your body will thank you with great results and a lesser chance of an injury.

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I've experienced this work actually. By sometime mid week I'm really struggling to stay focused and motivated, if I take a day to rest up I've noticed it reenergizes me for the rest of the week. I end up being in a much better mood too. I know it helps me, great tip. May not be for everyone but definitely for me.

Instead of taking a total rest day, I do something low-impact - like yoga or walking. If your muscles are sore, use a foam roller. It's important that you still get out of bed!

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