Butt Exercise 🍑 Mistakes 😖 We All Need to Stop ✋🏼 for a Nice Derrière 🙊 ...

Most girls want a nice butt and there are so many great exercises out there that can help you get it. However, you may be making butt exercise mistakes that are getting in the way of your progress. If you just aren't seeing the results you want, you could be committing one of these mistakes. Don't worry, you aren't alone. And the best news is that once you recognize those butt exercise mistakes, you can fix them so that you get the booty you want in no time at all. Women's Health Magazine are the experts behind this great info and you are going to be so glad they shared it with us.

1. You're Missing the Mind-butt Connection

If you’re a newbie to glute workouts, you may not know how to activate your glutes—which means you won’t see results, no matter how often you work out. “When you stand up or walk upstairs, you use your quads. But you don’t use your glutes as much in everyday life,” says Contreras. “They ‘fall asleep,’ and you need to learn how to use them again.”

Here’s how to test your mind-butt connection: While standing, try to squeeze one butt cheek as hard as you can. For some people, nothing much (or at all) happens. But you can learn to make the connection. Try to squeeze your glutes similarly anytime in the day when you’re standing, like while you’re doing the dishes. Then mindfully activate your glutes during your workout warmups with clamshells or walking band abductors (placing a resistance band just above your knee and stepping outwards).

During exercise, really think about the muscle you’re aiming to engage instead of just going through the motions. “You’re trying to establish that mind-body connection to increase the nervous system’s ability to contract the glute, so you’ll use them more,” says Contreras.