8 Essential Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag ...


8 Essential Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag ...
8 Essential Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag ...

If you go to the gym chances are you have a gym bag and that means you need to know the gym bag essentials so you always have everything you need. Now I know sometimes I get carried away and put a lot of things in it that can get pretty heavy. To lighten the load, I've come up 8 essentials I keep in my bag that are useful. So, here's the essential things to keep in your gym bag.

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Always keep a spare deodorant in your gym bag. You just never know when you're going to need it after a sweaty workout. Deodorant is one of the gym bag essentials you should never forget.



A notebook can be very helpful to record your progress or workout schedules. Keep one in your gym back to help you stay on track !



These are essential! If you don't have one and need one or you simple broke yours, you'll have sweaty hair in your face the whole time you workout. It's always good to have these around, especially while at the gym.



Sometimes after a workout my hands will be very dry from heavy lifting. To avoid this problem, I always keep a bottle of lotion in my bag. You should do the same.



Perfume is a must! Leaving the gym smelling good after a sweaty workout always makes me feel better. Be sure to stick a bottle of your favorite scent in your gym bag.



Leaving the gym with sweaty drenched clothes is never pleasant. So make sure to bring something to change into afterward, whether you're hitting the shower first or not.



I love using wipes after a good workout. They are just so handy and useful. Keep a pack of these in your bag and feel refreshed anytime.



Ever forget your head phones and just dread your workout? That's me! Since I started keeping them in my gym bag I never dread another workout again! Grab an extra pair and leave them in your gym bag so you're never stuck exercising without tunes again.

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