How to Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination ...

By Holly

It's important to have good hand-eye coordination. However, not a lot of us do. That's okay, because Outside Online has some tips on how o improve your hand-eye coordination. Here they are:

1 Play Catch

Play Catch You can start out easy. Just grab a ball and toss it back and rough between yourself and a partner. Once you get the hang of it, you should use several balls at once, so it's harder for you to concentrate.

2 Learn to Juggle

Learn to Juggle If you don't have a partner to toss a ball around with, then you should sit by yourself and juggle the balls. Once you can do it effortlessly, it's time to increase the difficulty. "As these drills get easier for athletes, we increase the challenge by putting them on a balance board or asking them math questions"

3 Exercise Your Eyes

Exercise Your Eyes If you want good hand-eye coordination, you need to learn how to switch your focus quickly. "Take two similarly-sized, detailed objects—like playing cards, book covers, or magazines—and place one about 18 inches away from you and the other about 10 feet away. Focus on the nearer object for five seconds, studying as many details as you can, then switch to the far object. Switch back and forth for a minute or two, each time trying to notice new details."

4 Stay Conscious While You Play

Stay Conscious While You Play Most people don't think about their hand-eye coordination. However, you should make it your goal to think about it while you're playing sports. "Basketball players improved their free-throw percentage by 22 percent by using a 'quiet eye' technique—essentially, focusing on the hoop's front rim for at least one second before shooting."

Do you have good hand-eye coordination?

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