10 Exercise Moves to Give You a Full Body Workout to See Results ...


10 Exercise Moves to Give You a Full Body Workout to See Results ...
10 Exercise Moves to Give You a Full Body Workout to See Results ...

Summer is here, ladies! I believe that every body is a “bikini body”, but it never hurts to show your body some extra love by spending a few hours in the gym each week. To make sure you are exercising effectively, try out these exercises that work your entire body in just one move.

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Weighted Squats

Don’t be intimidated by the super buff guy lifting hundreds of pounds before you. Anyone can do weighted squats! Use just the bar as resistance at first, then add on weight as you get more comfortable and stronger over time. I love weighted squats because it’s easy to measure your progress with them, which boosts self-confidence. Plus, it’s great for the booty, quads, abs, obliques, and hamstrings. Squats also have been proven to increase flexibility and speed.


Kettlebell Squats

If you want to work your legs and arms simultaneously, try the kettlebell squat! These will work all of the same leg muscle groups as weighted squats, but by swinging the weight above your head, you also target your arms! You’ll be building muscle from head to toe with this workout—not to mention burning calories, because all of that movement really gets your heart rate up.



No equipment? No problem! Burpees are an absolutely killer move for your entire body, and they are easy to do at home. There are several variations on burpees, but I recommend the classic to start. Simply start in a standing position, step or jump down into plank, and step or jump back up. Make sure you maintain good form throughout the workout so that you target your core when you’re in plank and increase your heart rate to burn maximum calories. If you’re feeling adventurous, toss in a push up while you’re in plank to workout your arms, too!



Another equipment-free workout that I love and hate is called the commando. If you’ve ever done Kayla Istines’ popular BBG workout plan, then you probably have some not-so-fond memories of these! But as awful as commandoes are, they sure get results! This move engages your whole body, but especially targets your upper arms and abs.



Even the name of this move sounds scary! But as long as you use proper form, deadlifts can become your best friend! As with weighted squats, you’ll want to start with just the bar or no weights at all, and then work your way up, incrementally increasing your weights. The key to correct posture is to hinge at your waist—rather than bend at your knees—to get low, and keep your back straight. Deadlifts are a total body workout, but primarily strengthen your booty, abs, calves, quads, hamstrings, and forearms.


Butt Ups

You've heard up push ups and pull ups, but now there's butt ups! These work your entire core as well as your back. Your back muscles are an important group that often go ignored. Give them their chance to suffer... I mean shine... with this workout.


Teaser with Resistance Band

Teasers alone are tough... add a resistance band and you'll be feeling this move from head to toe! This move will strengthen your core, arms, and upper back all in one motion. As you can see in the video, there are several modifications you can make or challenges you can add to this move depending on your current fitness level.


Total Body Stretch

You may not realize it, but stretching is great for losing weight and building muscle. This 10 minute total body stretch routine will have your body looking lean and trim in no time!



Planks are awesome full body moves because they get your entire abdomen, arms, legs, and glutes. Elbows in front of you, rise to your toes and support yourself, engaging your core the whole time. Stay flat along the back as you hold for as long as you can. Drop down and rest. The more you do this move the longer you'll be able to hold it and the fitter you'll be!


Pike Roll out

This one is easier than it looks! AND it targets the whole body making it a great workout! Using a stability ball, get in push-up position and put your feet on it. Supporting your weight on your arms, you're going to use your core to pull the ball in. Slowly roll back out, hold, and do a push-up. Repeat for 10 reps or whatever you feel comfortable with. Add more as you progress.

If you're ever short on time at the gym, but want to give your body the workout it deserves, you should try these moves! They're fast and simple, but that doesn't mean they don't pack a punch! You'll definitely feel these moves the next day. Are there any other effective total body workout moves you swear by?

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