7 Yoga Poses for Women Who Want to Lift and Shape Their Booty ...


7 Yoga Poses for Women Who Want to Lift and Shape Their Booty ...
7 Yoga Poses for Women Who Want to Lift and Shape Their Booty ...

When you slip into yoga pants, you expect your butt to look fantastic. If you're less than pleased with its appearance, then there are some simple moves that will help you lift and firm your booty. That's right: This means it's time to actually do yoga while you're in your yoga pants. Here are a few of the best poses that you can use to shape and lift your booty:

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Table Balancing Yoga

For this pose, you should start out on your hands and knees with your legs and arms shoulder-width apart. Then you should extend one leg behind you and your opposite arm in front of you. After holding the position for 20 to 30 seconds, you should switch to your other leg and other arm to repeat the process.


Downward Dog Leg Lift

You've probably done the downward dog before, because it's a basic yoga pose. However, this puts a twist on it. You should have both of your hands and the toes of one foot on the floor while your other leg is high up in the air. Then you should bend your knee in toward your nose while your ribcage is "puffed up toward the sky."


Standing Big Toe Pose

This one is a little tricky if you're not very flexible or very good at balancing. You're going to bend your knee until you can grab your left toes with your left hand. Then you should try to squeeze your knee in toward your arm while reaching your heel away from you. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed the entire time.


Half Frog Pose

This one is only for you flexible ladies! You're going to begin by resting on your stomach. Then you should bend your left leg behind you and grab your foot. Push it as close to your booty as you can. Then repeat with your other leg.


Locust Pose

Here's another pose that requires you to start on your stomach. All you have to do is lift your right leg off of the floor as high as you can and hold the position, making sure to keep your toes pointed. Then you can bring your leg back down and repeat the process with your opposite leg.


Chair Pose

You should start by standing up straight with your legs against each other. Then you should place your hands on your hips, bend your knees, and lower yourself as much as you can without feeling strained. Then you should put your palms together for a beat, and then reach your arms over your head with your palms facing each other.


Warrior 3

This pose is great for your entire body. You're going to start in a lunge position. Then you're going to hold your right knee with both hands and lift your back leg up, trying to keep it in a straight line. Bring your arms up, so that they're even with your lifted leg, and then you can return to the lunge that you started with.

Not only will yoga lift and firm your booty, but it can help you relax after a rough day. You're killing two birds with one stone. Which yoga pose is your favorite to perform?

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