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7 Genius New Ways to Work Your Abs for the Fit Girl in You ...

By Tara

Sit ups, crunches, bicycles, reverse crunches and a countless list of abdominal exercises are the go-to for most exercisers in pursuit of flat abs. But after several months of exercises and no change in their midsection, people are left feeling doomed to have loose abs. Is it time to give up? Heck no! Then what is the way to achieve a sculpted midsection? Well, why not break out of tradition and perform other exercises that will help you to get the abs of your dreams?!

1 21-Day Fix

I love the 21-day fix workouts because trainer Autumn brings you both an advanced and modified version, making this program literally for everyone. This program also offers you a coach to help you to achieve your goals daily. I loved this program so much that I became a coach and have helped countless lives achieve flat abs through this simple eating and exercise plan. Definite life changer!

2 Reverse Plank

When you think plank, you picture your body on your forearms, in pushup position, not on your back. But to switch up your routine, check out the reverse plank in this video and work your core.

3 Plyometrics

Combine some core and plyometrics with this really great workout that targets your midsection. If you are doing the endless array of abdominal exercises but not combatting belly fat, you should definitely try this. Target your trouble zone and get in your best shape!

4 Jumping Rope

Ten minutes of jumping rope and working your body will help you to work your total body, lower your body fat and work your abdominal muscles. Sometimes the things we think will work, like exercises for abs that have us lying down, are not working because we really need to get up and move.

5 Cize

Break away from the abdominal workouts, squats and pushups and work your core with Cize, Shaun T’s next video. I just tried this workout for the first time and as a beachbody coach, I have to say it is one of their best programs. Move over Zumba because this workout just may be your new favorite!

6 Running

When you think of the targeted muscles of running, you probably just think of legs but that body in motion is like a continual plyometric workout. So running does target your core to help lean down your middle and get you in your best shape!

7 High Intensity Workout

Sometimes to get to the next stage of results, all you need to do is bump up your workouts, try a new workout and get a little more intense. With cardio, resistance and only short breaks, you are sure to see super results and finish your workout covered in sweat!

So now that you realize that lying down on the ground and performing crunches in not the answer to your 6 pack dreams, get focused and perform these great workouts!

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