Mood BoostingWorkouts for Girls Dealing with a Breakup ...


Mood BoostingWorkouts for Girls Dealing with a Breakup ...
Mood BoostingWorkouts for Girls Dealing with a Breakup ...

Going through a break up can be super hard because all of a sudden you have loads of free time to think, cry and have break downs. Some days you may just feel so darn depressed, as if you are not even the same person you were before. Then you have a meltdown again! That's when calories, the unhealthy kind, become your best friend. We all know this is not a good way to treat your waistline. Yikes! Before you throw in the towel and let yourself go, let me share with you those exercises that have helped me in my past breakups. They can seriously be your savior! Just think the same way and get moving.

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Just breathe and follow along with the yoga exercises in this video to work the stress out of your life. Exercise is an incredible way to kick stress to the curb so just breathe, get in the yoga zone and relax your body. You can so get over this breakup because no man should define you. You are special!



With these Pilates moves you might be feeling stronger and through the process your heart feels less weak from your breakup. You are on the road to recovery so keep up with the Pilates and make healthier food choices. Your dream man is waiting around the corner for you but take your time getting back to it because right now it is time to focus on you!


High Intensity Workout

Extreme, intense and a super way to sweat; high intensity workouts are popular for this very reason. Sweat your butt off and get in super shape with a high intensity workout that will totally challenge you. This workout will have you forgetting the name of your ex - at least during the workout - and upon completion you will feel like a total champion!


Box It out

Put your dukes up and give it all you got as you box away your frustrations. With every move, you will feel lighter and weighed down less with stress. You will feel stronger and the day may even look a bit brighter. You are so getting over your breakup and fitness is becoming your best friend!



Check out this video of Bootcamp and if you are not up for a video, consider enlisting in a local Bootcamp near you. These classes are designed to whip you into shape in a fun way and you will meet new friends in the process. The best way to get over a break up is to occupy yourself with something new!



Every strike of your foot pounding the pavement is a complete stress reliever and will help you to slim that body down. Even on my hardest of days I always find peace in my runs and when I finish I am so glad that I pushed myself. You will feel so much stronger and your ex will seem way less important because you are a beautiful and seriously awesome person!



Spin your fears and tears away with this video to get over the stress in your life. You will get a super sweaty workout that will have you feeling like a champ. And if you do not have a spin bike to perform this workout, no worries because local gyms have loads of spin bikes. You can join for the week usually with a free guest pass and you can work that stress off pronto!

So, say see you later to any breakup stress because exercise can seriously help you to remember what is most important - taking care of you! And before you know it, you will have moved on to a brighter relationship with a new man that is so much better for you! You got this!

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