Mood Boosting😃Workouts for Girls Dealing with a Breakup😭💔 ...

Going through a break up can be super hard because all of a sudden you have loads of free time to think, cry and have break downs. Some days you may just feel so darn depressed, as if you are not even the same person you were before. Then you have a meltdown again! That's when calories, the unhealthy kind, become your best friend. We all know this is not a good way to treat your waistline. Yikes! Before you throw in the towel and let yourself go, let me share with you those exercises that have helped me in my past breakups. They can seriously be your savior! Just think the same way and get moving.

1. Yoga

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Just breathe and follow along with the yoga exercises in this video to work the stress out of your life. Exercise is an incredible way to kick stress to the curb so just breathe, get in the yoga zone and relax your body. You can so get over this breakup because no man should define you. You are special!

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