The Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Body after Only a Week ...

By Tara

After just one week of exercise you may be amazed at just how much you can accomplish as your skin looks brighter, you have more energy, you drop a few pounds and as a result of these visible changes, you may even begin to crave exercise. This is after just one week of establishing a fitness routine! You will feel and even see a difference in your life. You may find your clothes starting to fit loosely, you may even stand a bit taller with confidence. And people will want to be around you because you will seem like a new person, smiling with fitness and health confidence!

1 You Find Time for Fitness

You Find Time for Fitness After just one week of exercise you will find time for fitness. In the past you may have complained that because of lack of time your workouts were pushed to the side. You are becoming a new girl now because after one week you have realized an important part of your life that was missing!

2 You Have More Energy

You Have More Energy In just one week of exercising you will notice something amazing: you have more energy. Gone are the days of sleeping in till noon because now you want to exercise bright and early. You accomplish more during the day because of the new found energy you have from simply choosing to exercise. So get your workout in!

3 You Make More Mindful Food Choices

You Make More Mindful Food Choices You make food choices that are healthier because you know how hard you worked in your fitness routine. You find yourself choosing the salad instead of the burger and you are proud of your healthy choices. After one week of fitness you look at food in a whole new light.

4 You May Even Drop a Few Pounds

You May Even Drop a Few Pounds After just one week of exercise you may find your clothes beginning to fit looser and look better. You will feel better from seeing these results and this will bring you to crave your workout even more!

5 Your Clothes May Fit a Little Differently

Your Clothes May Fit a Little Differently Okay so you notice your clothes are fitting differently from the starting stages of muscle tone development and you actually look better. This may ignite the need for a quick shopping spree for some new workout clothes!

6 You Crave Exercise

You Crave Exercise You wake up to exercise or you head to the gym after work and if you are unable to exercise, you feel like your day is incomplete. Yep you are beginning to see the stage of fitness where you almost need to work out. Keep with it and fulfill this healthy craving. It seriously is the best craving you can have!

7 You Sleep Sound like a Baby

You Sleep Sound like a Baby You doze off and sleep soundly because of your exercise. Your health is better and you may even find you stress less because of the energy you burn off in your workouts. In just a week you can already see and feel the incredible difference that is life changing for the better!

8 Your Skin Will Glow

clothing, active undergarment, thigh, leg, muscle, One week of exercise will give you glowing skin-and not just from sweating like a pig during your workout. The increased blood flow during exercise will boost your body's toxin removal process, leading to healthier looking skin that glows.

9 You'll Find MeNtal Clarity

clothing, leg, thigh, black hair, fashion, Having a fabulous workout isn't only good for your body, but also your brain. A week of good workouts increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, increasing your alertness, awareness, ability to handle stress, and your focus.

10 Life Will Be Easier

clothing, underpants, undergarment, active undergarment, lingerie, The more you work out, the easier other tasks become. Your body uses oxygen more efficiently when you regularly exercise. This smarter oxygen use increases your heart strength and makes what was once a strenuous task-such as walking flights of stairs-become easier.

So start out with just a week and enjoy the incredible transformation you will feel. Make fitness and health part of your life so that you can transform your life!

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