9 Yoga Poses for Couples Who Want to Exercise Together ...

By Holly

9 Yoga Poses for Couples Who Want to Exercise Together ...

You don't have to do yoga alone. You can grab your boyfriend and exercise alongside him. Instead of doing your own yoga poses side-by-side, like you'd do during a class, you can do couples yoga poses. That way, you'll have to learn to work together and trust each other. If that sounds like your idea of fun, here are a few of the best couples yoga poses for exercising together:

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Boat Pose

This pose requires the two of you to sit across from each another and hold each others wrists. Then you should place your toes together and lift up your legs as high as you can. Hold the position and you've done it!


Down Dog

You should only attempt this pose if you think that you can handle it without hurting yourselves. One of you should get into the downward facing dog position, with your hands and feet on the ground and your back slanted. Then the other person should place their feet on your booty and try to contort their body into the same position as the one you're in.


Tree Pose

This pose is one of the best ones for beginners, because there's a low risk of getting hurt. Get into tree pose, with one leg pressed against your thigh. Then you should hold your partner's hand while you balance on one leg.


Warrior Pose

For this post, you should hold onto your partner's shoulders while holding one leg in the air. Try to balance on one leg for as long as you can without falling or pushing your partner's arms down, because you don't want them to fall.



This pose requires you to sit back to back with your partner while keeping your legs straight out. Then you should lean forward to touch your toes while your partner leans backwards against you.

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For this pose, one of you should stand back to back while you reach your hands down to your feet. Once you're upside down, you should grab your partner's hands and hold them by the elbows.


Cat Plank

This pose requires you two to get on your hands and knees. You should get close together when you do this, so that your knees are in between your partner's knees. Then you should lift your legs up and onto your boyfriend's shoulders.


Upside down Bat

This one is a bit complicated, so don't attempt it unless you have a soft floor and good balance. One of you should lay on your back with your legs against the wall. Then the other person should flip themselves over so that they're upside down on that wall.


Partner Seasaw

For this pose, you should face your partner while sitting on the floor. Touch your partner's feet with your feet, and then grab your partner's hands. After that, you should seesaw back and fourth as slowly as you can, bending your knees whenever you start to feel an uncomfortable tightness in your legs.

Attempting couples yoga is a great way to spend your next date night. As long as you only do the poses that you think you can pull off without hurting yourselves, you'll get fit while having fun! Have you ever done yoga with your partner?

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