This is What Happens when You Work out 7 Days in a Row ...


This is What Happens  when You Work out 7 Days in a Row ...
This is What Happens  when You Work out 7 Days in a Row ...

On a quest to vary my fitness for a week, I set out on a challenge of a new workout each day and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Being a trainer and sponsored athlete, I tend to exercise every day usually with running, but this is not the norm for most exercisers. As a trainer, I usually recommend one day of rest per week so your mind and muscles get a break and the risk of injury is decreased. But if you set out on a similar journey like this you just may surprise yourself. You will actually feel less sore and may even find yourself craving your workout for the next day. So check out my journey and make sure you get started on your own:

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The first day of the week I did bootcamp, probably because I have owned and led a bootcamp for over a decade with diverse workouts that have transformed my body for the better. In this workout I led the group as we did a combination of cardio, strength and resistance training. And although most find this workout challenging, this is my niche so I find relief and inner peace both during and after the bootcamp hour fitness session.



For the second day of the week I switched up the workout and focused on straight up boxing. If you engage your core when you perform this workout, you will really feel it in your mid- section. To get started right, follow along with this video. Tomorrow you will feel this in your mid- section and upper body. Burn baby burn!



On the third day after teaching my bootcamp class I decided to go for a run to work out the tired muscles that much needed relief. This is actually active recovery for the body and although the first mile was painful, shortly after I was glad I set out on a run.


Resistance Training

For the fourth day of fitness, I performed resistance training to strengthen my body, tone and tighten. In this video you will see the lunges I perform that will help put your body into fat burning mode. I recommend that you perform 3 sets of 18 followed by a 20-30 minute speed walk or run. I also perform the plank in this video. These will work your total core in and you should make a goal of doing them for one minute, engaging your muscles. So get in the zone and push yourself to get in your best shape!



For the fifth day, I decided to perform an Insanity workout. I should mention that this was right after I taught my hour long bootcamp class. As a Beachbody coach I performed this workout multiple times and every time it is equally challenging. The key with this workout - as with most - is to engage and focus on form. I promise tomorrow your legs will be on fire and you will definitely feel the burn in a good way!


Speed Walking

On the sixth day of fitness, I feel every ouch and ache so the only thing I can think of is my body needs a break but I have to keep the challenge and come out ahead of the game so I turn to speed walking. People often think of speed walking as a lesser workout - like the mall walker that dawdles so. But this is so not true because you get out what you put in. After all speed walking is an Olympic sport. So work your body strong, check out the tips in this video on form and aim for 45 minutes to an hour with active recovery speed walking!



For your seventh day challenge take a page from my book of staying fit and perform active yoga to lose weight and push yourself. I did just this after I taught my bootcamp class and all I can say is ouch! This is not your regular yoga because in twenty minutes you will really feel the burn. And you will finish the week having exercised on the daily and feeling super strong.

So after exercising 7 days in a row doing different workouts each day, I not only feel great but I am actually much less sore than expected. And take this from someone who usually runs every day, switching it up actually felt great! Tag, you're it! Take the challenge of exercising seven days in a row!

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