7 Fun Reasons to Give Soccer a Try ...

The World Cup may be over but soccer's growing popularity amongst the ladies seems to suggest that it's here to stay and there are some fun reasons to give soccer a try that I would like to share. Once considered the sole domain of the male, the Women's World Cup in Canada next year demonstrates that the tide may be slowly turning, as women are being acknowledged for their fabulous ball skills. Here are some fun reasons to give soccer a try.

1. Great Cardio

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Soccer is a great cardio work out which is one of the reasons to give soccer a try. Think about it, running up and down that pitch and chasing after a ball for 90 minutes is going to burn some serious calories and tone that body. It's one of the fun reasons to get involved in this sport now.

2. Upper Body

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So, you may be running around and using your legs but it's also a great upper body work out as you're using your arms for throw-ins. You may be playing in goal which means you will use your arms a little more.

3. Team Building

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We have all heard that saying "There is no I in team" and soccer is no exception. It's a great team building sport which can bring groups together. After all, you all have two primary goals: get the goals and prevent the goals! Communication therefore is key as you need to work with each other to decide what the best strategies might be against the opposing team.

4. Social Side

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There is also the social side to boost your well-being. You'll be meeting people on a regular basis who you can train with and of course, there's the friendly banter with the opposing team, which will mean you'll meet new people and create bonds with those you play with regularly.

5. High Intensity

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Soccer is a high intensity work out, there is no doubt about that. You have to keep your eye on the ball and defend or attack where appropriate. There are periods of sprinting coupled with more sedate periods of gentle jogging but the fun comes from not knowing how it's going to go from one moment to the next. There are a range of moves such as turns, twists and kicks, meaning you'll get a great all over body work out and help ward off obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure in the process.

6. Confidence Building

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As with many team sports, they have the capacity to help build your confidence. As your skills develop and your bond builds with your team, so too will your confidence. Don't worry if you don't get the hang of it in your first game, just have fun and try a range of positions to find which is the one for you.

7. Popularity

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Soccer is becoming more and more popular and the media is paying more attention to female prowess on the pitch. Unfortunately, sexism still exists in sport and there is still a long way to go but as more and more women become involved in the sport, ideas will change.

These are just some of the reasons to play a game of soccer or 'footie' as they call it over the pond. Does anyone play soccer? Is anyone tempted to give it a go?

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