Workouts You Can do in Your PJs for Girls Who Can't Make It to the Gym ...


Workouts You Can do in Your PJs for Girls Who Can't Make It to the Gym ...
Workouts You Can do in Your PJs for Girls Who Can't Make It to the Gym ...

In a world of high priced gyms where you feel intimidated, it just may be time to look for an alternate solution. There are many days where simply getting dressed for the gym can become a chore so it's time to look at your options. With the endless array of online exercise videos, you can choose a different workout daily that you can do from the comfort of your home. And the best part is that you will have no need to dress to impress; you can even do these in your PJs!

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Find peace in your yoga workout as you follow along with the moves in this video. Yoga is great for both body and mind, so relax your senses. Take a deep breath as you perform these meditative moves!



Dancers have incredible bodies and have a heck of a lot of fun while they work out. In fact, most dancers will tell you that they do not even feel like they are working out. It is all about having a positive attitude, focusing on form and giving it all you got. And you can follow along with this video in your PJs as you get your dance on!



If you want to work your total body and get your frustrations out, kickboxing may be your niche workout. This is a super effective way to burn mega calories while having a great time. Perform this workout in your PJs as you get your sweat on and have a blast!



The kettlebell has become a key player in the fitness world and for good reason - you will burn more calories when utilizing this weight. Follow along with this video and make sure to engage your core as you lift since this weight uses more of your middle. Increase your kettle bell weight based upon your fitness level and goals. And don’t worry about putting on your newest fitness wear,:you can wear your PJs as you follow along in the comfort of your home!



In a world of deadlines and busy days, it may be tough to find time to squeeze in an hour workout and believe me, I understand! So carve out just 25 minutes to perform a HIIT workout which will help you to burn more calories in a shorter duration and you will feel so accomplished when you finish. This is one of my fave workouts because you will feel so strong when you finish!


Resistance Training

Pump some iron from within your four walls as you follow along with this video. You can tone your body and build lean muscle that will boost your metabolic rate in no time. All you will need is a set of 3-8 pound weights, based on your fitness level and your energy!


Boot Camp

No need to wrestle yourself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning when you can perform boot camp exercises with the gals in this video. Since this is a total body routine, you will feel muscle soreness from head to toe, so burn baby burn! And if you are ready for the challenge and have the time, kick up the heat and repeat this routine!

So keep those comfy PJs on because you have nothing to lose but pounds as you perform these workouts and get in your best shape! Are you ready for the challenge?

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