10 Alternative Exercises That Burn More Fat than Running ...


10 Alternative Exercises That Burn More Fat than Running ...
10 Alternative Exercises That Burn More Fat than Running ...

There’s no doubt that running is a fabulous form of exercise. It burns calories and works so many of your muscle groups at the same time. But if you’re anything like me, running makes you want to cry. Don’t get me wrong, I love exercise — just not running. In the same boat? Here are some exercises that will burn more fat than a run around the neighborhood ever will.

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Clearly, you won’t do burpees for as long as you might go for a run, but experts estimate that you can burn about 1 calorie for each burpee you do. That means that if you can do 60 of them in a minute, you are well on your way to some mega calorie burn with just a few minutes of burpees.


An Uphill Hike

Walking will never burn as many calories as running does (more on this later), but taking an uphill hike sure can. As long as you have a backpack with supplies on your back and you walk at a normal, steady pace, you can burn more than 400 calories on a one hour hike. Hiking is way more fun than running, so plan to take a hike a couple of times per month to really switch things up.


Kettlebell Swings

This is one of my very favorite exercises. The great thing about kettlebells is that you can do them at home. I like to do my routine while I watch television in the evenings. Kettlebells swings are pretty easy to master and you will love how they burn fat and calories while also transforming your entire body.


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is another exercise you can do at home. All you need is some sturdy shoes and a jump rope. Experts estimate that you can burn about 13 calories per minute of jumping rope. That translates to more than 100 calories in just 10 minutes of jumping. This form of exercise also works your muscles and it’s fun, so you shouldn’t have a hard time sticking with it.



Boxing is an outstanding form of exercise. Not only does it burn mega calories (more than 700 per hour), but it also tones your muscles and helps relieve stress at the same time. You can certainly do boxing at a gym so you learn the proper techniques and styles. Or, you can hang a heavy bag at home and do your workout there. Either way, you’re sure to burn more fat than you would going for a run.



Who knew that doing something you love could burn more fat and calories than running? Just going to the club and dancing with your friends will burn more than 400 calories in one hour. Having fun and getting a great workout? Sign me up! Of course, if clubbing isn’t your thing, you can always take a dance class or shake it up to music at home. Have fun!


Battle Ropes

This exercise involves shaking large, heavy ropes in various ways. You get such a great workout with this one. It burns more than 10 calories per minute and works muscles you never even knew you had. You’ll need to do battle ropes at the gym as you probably won’t have room at home to give them a try.



Why not take the pressure off your joints and burn calories in the pool? A strenuous swim will burn between 400 and 600 calories an hour... that's quite a workout!



Sure, you might look a little goofy in bike shorts, but who doesn't? It's totes worth looking odd for an hour-long bike ride, though, because while you're cycling, you'll burn anywhere between 400 to 650 calories an hour, depending on how challenging (uphill) the ride is. Don't want to ride outdoors? Feel the burn with a spin and do the workout above. Whoo!



Want to burn about 400 calories an hour while you're sitting down? Hit the rowing machine (or row a canoe or kayak) for about an hour. It's arms and core and back day! Make sure your form is right, so you don't injure yourself... this is fun!

Do you love or hate running? Will you try any of these fab workouts instead?

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Nice article

Love burpees

I love these ideas! I will need to try them! Thank you!

Love going for a good run, but these are great ideas too!

Hoop dancing is also a great way to burn fat and is an amazing workout for your core! 😇

I actually did an experiment on which dance games burns more calories. You should also play just dance it can get you moving and burning a load of calories :)

Boxing is the shit. Just joined title boxing at the start of the year and I am starting to see major definition in my abs and arms....and I'm having fun doing it!

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